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Hello girls!

I have this look saved to post for a while! As you know, my days are very busy and busy due to my baby Olivia and that’s why I haven’t been able to go out so much, much less photograph my productions to post here for you, sorry. But whenever I have some time, I run here to post some news!

But let’s go to the look, I chose an all red production to go to lunch over the weekend. I love the color and I think it is super high-spirited, in addition to being a tone that favors me! After so much time with the limited wardrobe due to pregnancy, I’m finding it a delight to walk with my old models, it seems that I’m even using new pieces… lol

I took the opportunity to debut my sandal goddess of Carmen Steffens (this is really new)! As I have said many times here, I love nude feet, it has an incredible stretching effect!


IMG_3509Short Leeloo, Blessed shirt, Paula Cademartori bag, Carmen Steffens sandal.

I think this type of super thick heel goes with shorts, I love it!

Did you like it ?!


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