LIVE: Supposedly director of Need Medicines, of the case

This Thursday (23), Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) listens to Danilo Trento, who is a partner at Primarcial Holding e Participações, but appointed by the CPI as a supposed “ghost” director of Necessidade Medimentos, involved in the scandal of Covaxin Indian vaccine.

Both companies have Francisco Maximiano as a partner and the same address. According to senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), vice president of the commission, Trento and Maximiano traveled together to India to negotiate tests for covid-19 and the Covaxin vaccine.

:: CPI report comes out until 10/10 and can reach the International Criminal Court ::

Other senators also believe that Trento has relations with Marcos Tolentino, appointed by the CPI as the true owner of FIB Bank, which offered a letter of guarantee to Need Medicines of 5% on the total value of R$ 1.61 billion of the contract signed with the Ministry of Health. Tolentino is also a lawyer and a personal friend of Ricardo Barros.

According to a report from Piauí magazine, on May 28, 2020, Marcos Tolentino met in his apartment in São Paulo with the then Minister of Health Eduardo Pazuello, Ricardo Barros, Wagner Potenza, former commercial director of the FIB Bank, and Francisco Emerson Maximiano, owner of Necessidade Medicamentos . The dinner served to introduce the characters to the possibility of contracting Need vaccines.

::Prevent Senior did not advise dying patients that they would take chloroquine and ivermectin::

Trento follows to the CPI a habeas corpus in hand that guarantees the right to remain silent on matters that may incriminate him, after a decision by Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, minister of the Supreme Federal Court (STF).

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