Live: Minister of CGU must explain omission to CPI

On the way to the final stretch, senators from Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) listen to Wagner de Campos Rosário, Minister of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), this Tuesday (21).

The commission’s president, senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), will demand explanations from Rosario about his alleged omission in the face of irregular negotiations within the Ministry of Health in the acquisition of immunization agents against covid-19. For Aziz, Rosário may have committed a crime of malfeasance.

“What he has to explain is not the operations he carried out, it is his omission in relation to the federal government. It has to come, but it doesn’t have to come to play for the fans, no. He will play here and on our field. And Wagner Rosário, who had access to these messages [sobre negociações de compra de vacinas pelo Ministério da Saúde] since October 27, 2020, he has been a prevaricator”, said the congressman.

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On social media, Rosário rebutted the accusation. “Senator Omar Aziz, slander is a crime!!! The authority to anticipate the attribution of guilt, before the investigations are concluded and the indictment formalized, is also a crime!!! Eagerly awaiting your call,” he wrote on his Twitter profile. And he was entitled to a rejoinder: President Omar Aziz replied, in turn, that “prevarication is also a crime”.

During the testimony of Marconny Faria, suspected of being a lobbyist for Need Medicines at the Ministry of Health, Omar Aziz once again made statements about Rosario. “Wagner Rosário is an offender. He has to come here [na CPI]. How did he know that Roberto Dias [ex-diretor de Logística da pasta federal] was operating within the Ministry of Health and did not take action? He has to explain.”

States and Municipalities

In the request to summon Rosario, authored by senator Eduardo Girão (Podemos-CE), the congressman informs that the CGU sent data on 53 operations that investigate the diversion of resources by states and municipalities, reaching a total of R$1. 6 billion. “The actual loss calculated so far has reached almost R$39.2 million, and the potential loss is R$124.8 million. Thus, the total loss could reach R$ 164 million”, argued the senator.

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