Live: defense attorney discusses excesses of

The act contrary to the homage to pioneer Borba Gato in São Paulo (SP), carried out during a demonstration by “Outside, Bolsonaro” on July 24th, rekindled the discussion about the criminalization of popular movements.

The topic is addressed in an online debate held by the graduate program in Criminal Law and Criminology Introcrim (Introduction to Criminology). Through social networks, the transmission starts at noon this Tuesday (3).

:: Justice keeps Rooster imprisoned because he did not report involved: “This is torture”, says Defense ::

The target of criticism for the arbitrary arrests of the app deliverer Paulo Galo and his wife Gessica Barbosa, the investigation that investigates the fire is debated with the virtual presence of criminalist André Lozano Andrade, lawyer responsible for defending those investigated.

Follow it live:

Edition: Leandro Melito

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