Left and far right lead the polls

Exactly a month before the presidential elections in Chile, the indefiniteness takes over. According to different opinion polls, around 30% of voters have not yet defined their vote.

According to a poll released this week by Cadem, the favorites are left-wing deputy Gabriel Boric (I approve Dignity / Frente Amplio) and extreme right-wing lawyer José Antonio Kast (Republican Party), tied with 21% of the voting intention. .

In third place with 12% is the only female candidate: Yasna Provoste (New Social Pact). She is supported by the parties of the so-called Concertación, a coalition of center-left Chilean political parties. While Sebastián Sichel (Chile Podemos Mais) has 7% of voting intentions.

The company Criteria, on the other hand, places Boric in front with 26% of the preference, followed by Kast with 17%, in third Sichel with 15%, and Yasna Provoste with 11%.

A similar result was pointed out by the diary survey el mercury and You Infuyes placing Gabriel Boric with 22% to 25% of voting intentions, Kast with 15% to 16%, while Provoste and Sichel park at 11% of the preference.

If no candidate obtains a majority of the votes, the second round would be held on December 19th.

Meanwhile, President Sebastián Piñera faces a congressional investigation into his relationship with companies in tax havens. According to a survey conducted in September by the Center for Public Studies, the Chilean president has 68% disapproval.

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The electoral climate is crossed by the Chilean constituent process. Since last weekend, Chileans have been carrying out protests across the country to demand freedom for political prisoners from the October 2019 demonstrations.

“This electoral process is always strained by the new moment of mobilization that is taking over the country. There is a reactivation of the economy and also of different social sectors. Therefore, candidates are also under pressure to give answers about the situation in recent days, such as the repression that occurred against the acts of October 18”, analyzes Chilean journalist Marcela Cornejo in an interview with Brazil in fact.

Kast, candidate of the Republican Party and name of the far right, promises to “restore the order, justice and peace of the country”, saying that the last two years that triggered the Constitutional Convention were a “nightmare”.

Kast is one of the promoters of the “Forum de Madrid”, an international alliance of far-right parties, promoted by the Spanish party Vox and supported by federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP). With a campaign based on the heritage of dictator Augusto Pinochet, the Republican Party politician has increased his popularity in recent weeks by promoting xenophobic attacks against Venezuelan immigrants in the north of the country.

“In the face of Sichel’s fall, José Antonio Kast presents himself and ends up stealing the intention to vote within the right”, comments Cornejo.

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On the other hand, Boric would be the candidate who represents part of the sectors of the Chilean social revolt for the constitutional reform, which has just completed two years. After winning the primary against Communist party candidate Daniel Jadue, Gabriel Boric would be the name of the unit.

“Boric is not this figure who establishes clear positions, he acts more as a political operator with a discourse of consensus, of unity with all sectors”, defends Cornejo.

Among its economic proposals is a tax reform to create a mining royalty (tax on extraction) and reduce tax evasion, which today is equivalent to 3.5% of Chilean GDP.

“Boric has an economic project that is not so far from a neoliberal project, but it would be an idea to humanize this model, improve some aspects, but there is no fundamental questioning. More than supporting Boric, the left wants to avoid the right in the government”, analyzes Marcela Cornejo.

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