Leaders organize an act in support of the deputy

This Tuesday afternoon (9), in front of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), popular and parliamentary leaders of Minas Gerais held an act in support of state deputy PSOL Andréia de Jesus.

Movements and parliamentarians signed a letter in support of the deputy

In recent days, the deputy has been suffering threats on her social networks. The events began after Andreia, who is president of the ALMG Human Rights Commission, denounced and demanded an investigation into 26 deaths that took place in Varginha, in the south of Minas Gerais, after a police operation.

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Deputy published open letter

Last Thursday (4), Andréia published an open letter on her social networks in which she reports the threats. In the text, the deputy states that “it is not easy to open my cell phone and face threats against my life”, referring to one of the messages received that stated that the end of Andreia would be the same as that of Marielle Franco, councilor of Rio de Janeiro performed in March 2018 .

President of ALMG requests police escort for deputy

At the request of the president of ALMG, Agostinho Patrus (PV), since this Tuesday morning (9), Andréia de Jesus has been escorted by the Special Operations Battalion of the Minas Gerais Military Police (BOPE).

“It’s not easy to open my cell phone and face threats against my life”

On social media, Agostinho Patrus stated that “as soon as I became aware of the serious threats suffered by Deputy Andréia de Jesus, I requested immediate action from the Military Police. I also determined that all necessary measures be taken, within the scope of the Legislative Assembly, to safeguard the security of the parliamentarian”.

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Solidarity demonstrations

In addition to today’s protest, several leaders and organizations have shown solidarity with the deputy through notes and public demonstrations. Belo Horizonte councilors Macaé Evaristo, Iza Lourença, Bella Gonçalves, Duda Salabert, councilor Pedro Patrus, state deputy Leninha, the National Center for Africanity and Afro-Brazilian Resistance (Cenarab), the Black Coalition for Rights, the Pensamentos Institute and Actions for the Defense of Democracy/Minas Gerais (Ipad), Outros Vozes Neves and Coletivo Casa dos Livros signed a letter in support of the deputy.

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It is “important to emphasize that women parliamentarians, and especially black women, from numerous Legislative Houses, have suffered aggression in the exercise of their functions, which also requires an incidence of public bodies, in the sense not only of preserving female deputies and councilors, but also of hold aggressors accountable and stop this growing violence”, says the text.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Larissa Costa

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