Law requiring vaccination of servers must be voted on in this

This Monday (27), the meeting of the Constitution, Legislation and Justice Commission (CCLJ) of the Legislative Assembly of Pernambuco (Alepe) discussed and approved the Complementary Law Project (PLC) No. 2661/2021, of the State Government. The project is about the mandatory immunization against covid-19 for civil servants, public employees, state military, temporary contractors and service providers.

Signed and forwarded by Governor Paulo Câmara (PSB), the PLC is proceeding urgently in Alepe, with rapporteurship from Deputy João Paulo (PCdoB), and was approved by six votes in favor and one against.

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The attorney of the State of Pernambuco, Marcelo Casseb, defended the constitutionality of the Bill, noting that it is part of the legal framework related to national and state health issues and follows the precepts of science regarding vaccine safety and the determining role that the advance of vaccination in the world it has been shown to contain the pandemic, reducing the number and severity of cases, in addition to deaths.

With the requirement of vaccination, the objective is to ensure sanitary safety in the functioning of the state public service. “The PLC is concerned with the regular exercise of the activities of public servants, so that they do not put at risk their own health, that of their colleagues and the population in general.

The fundamental right to health supersedes the right to an alleged individual freedom, which in this specific case does not exist. The greater good, the good of the community, public health must prevail over individual interests,” said Marcelo Casseb. Now, after passing through the Commission, the PL goes to the Plenary of the Assembly, where it should go into voting next Thursday (30).

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Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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