Know what to do if you were the target of the covid kit,

The so-called ‘covid kit’ composed of drugs such as chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin is proven to be ineffective against Covid-19, according to research carried out with the drugs. However, Prevent Senior, in addition to recommending the drugs, carried out studies – without the patients’ consent – ​​with the substances.

After accusations, the health operator was the target of three extrajudicial notifications from the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec); they are: coercion of doctors, distribution of “covid kits”, dissemination of false information, in addition to conducting clinical “studies” in an irregular manner.

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If you, by any chance, are a user of Prevent Senior, or another operator, and found any irregularity in the service provided to Covid-19, there are ways to guarantee your rights.

One of them is through the right to information, guaranteed to all consumers and guaranteed in all aspects of the relationship between user and health plan operator.

In the case of carrying out “studies” promoted by Prevent Senior without the users’ consent, Idec emphasizes that “it is the patient’s right to know the risks and all the details before starting a treatment.

About the case, the Institute provides a model letter that can be used to demand information about the provision of services by health plan operators.

Another point highlighted by Idec is that in the case of health services, every patient has the right to access their full medical record at any time, and this guarantee is provided for in the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) and also in the Code of Medical Ethics.

To access your medical record, you can make an order to the hospital or the responsible physician. If the doctor or hospital refuses to provide the information, you can file a complaint and use the Idec letter template to claim your rights.

There is also the possibility of complaining to the company’s SAC, being able to request recordings of phone calls made to the operator or to the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) through a service form or formalize a complaint on the ANS Dial: 0800 701 9656 .

Covid Kit

If you were a victim of the ‘covid kit’ and live in São Paulo, you can contact the Public Ministry of São Paulo (MP-SP), through the citizen service form. The agency has an ongoing procedure to investigate Prevent Senior’s practices.

In addition to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, another body that can receive complaints related to clinical studies and consent forms is the National Research Ethics Commission, which can be activated by e-mail [email protected].

Other guarantees for the user are: the right to portability for people with more than two years of health insurance without meeting the grace periods, except for those who have a pre-existing illness or injury or who have previously been ported, in which case the minimum period is of three years.

If the user wants to cancel, health care providers must offer telephone and internet channels to facilitate this process.

Immediately after cancellation, the user no longer has obligations with the operator or administrator of the benefit. However, all healthcare services provided after the date of cancellation request may be charged – including in cases of urgency/emergency.

The Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection (Idec) reinforces that if the user wants to look for a new health plan operator, including in cases of portability, be aware and do not confuse companies that only provide discount cards with health plans.

Health plan operators must have an ANS registration number. In addition, individual or family plans have an adjustment regulated by the ANS, which sets a maximum percentage increase every year; on the other hand, the so-called collective plans, no – and they are precisely those that have historically presented the highest percentages of readjustments.

Plans that are contracts through CNPJ, including MEI and CEI, are examples of collective plans.

If you want to know more about a health plan provider in particular, consult the documents made available by the ANS for consultation.

Edition: Douglas Matos

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