Justice reaffirms: act against Bolsonaro on September 7th is

The 14th Public Finance Court reinforced the constitutionality of carrying out the Fora, Bolsonaro acts on September 7 in the capital of São Paulo. The governor of São Paulo, João Dória (PSDB), had banned the protest, alleging security issues. On the same day, a favorable manifestation to the President of the Republic will be held.

In a decision handed down this Monday (30), judge Randolfo Ferraz de Campos pointed out that no agent has the prerogative to prohibit events of this nature and that the constitution provides for the right to protest. The opinion was published in response to a demand from unions for an injunction guaranteeing the achievement.

Last week the same magistrate had already authorized the demonstrations. Faced with this definition, he considered that the injunction is not necessary and that the acts are fully supported.

“The Magna Carta Federal, by its art. 5, XVI, expressly established that “all can gather peacefully, without weapons, in places open to the public, regardless of authorization, as long as they do not frustrate another meeting previously called for the same place, and only prior notice to the competent authority is required,” wrote the judge.

In June 2020, another court decision determined that demonstrations for and against the government could not take place in the same place and date. In this Monday, Randolfo Ferraz stated that the previous definition cannot base the veto to demonstrations.

The campaign Fora, Bolsonaro had already informed that he would take the demonstrations to the Vale do Anhagabaú, since the conservative acts will take Avenida Paulista. Even so, on Thursday (26), the government of the state of São Paulo announced that it would not authorize the event.

Hours later, the organizers granted a press conference in which they stated that the acts would take place. “We have already negotiated with the City of São Paulo, there is no objection. And we hope that the Justice and other public bodies do not dare to impede our right to hold demonstrations,” said Raimundo Bonfim, coordinator of the Frente Brasil Popular.

The demonstration against President Jair Bolsonaro will occupy the Anhangabaú Valley on the Independence Day holiday, starting at 2 pm.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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