Justice guarantees the recharge of the food card for

Last Monday (4), the 1st Court of Childhood and Youth of the Capital determined the immediate blocking of R$ 34.72 million from the accounts of the Municipality of Rio to guarantee the recharge of food cards for students in the relative municipal network. to the months of August and September. The sentence also imposes that the municipality continue to recharge for October and subsequent months, in favor of “students whose schools remain closed, operating on a rotation system” and students with comorbidities that prevent them from attending the teaching unit.

The decision recognizes that “the agreement signed between the State Public Defender’s Office and the municipality of Rio de Janeiro was clear in guaranteeing the payment of the food card for students in the municipal education network who were not attending classes full time”, in other words, those enrolled in schools that “had not fully returned to on-site education, maintaining the rotations, and for students with proven comorbidities”, unable to attend classroom classes. The agreement was signed in mid-2020, and remains in force, as confirmed by Justice.

“Once again, the Court recognizes that, as long as there are non-face-to-face activities to cover the workload (remote classes), the food card must be recharged. We deeply regret the city’s delay in refilling it after all, because as Betinho used to say: ‘Those who are hungry are in a hurry’”, explains Rodrigo Azambuja, coordinator of Childhood and Youth at the Defender’s Office.

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In the decision, Judge Amanda Alves emphasizes that “at no time does the municipality of Rio de Janeiro demonstrate a willingness to meet, voluntarily, the emergency demand for food for students in the municipal education network, as even aware that the obligation should be satisfied administratively, based on the signed agreement, it comes to court in split defense alleging issues that do not change the duty to comply with the established obligation, aiming at meeting the interests of minor students.”

The arrest of the amounts needed to recharge the food cards was requested by the Children and Youth Coordination of the Defender’s Office in August, soon after the municipality informed that it would not pay the 600,000 students in the network because it reopened most of the units of teaching.

The deal

According to the agreement signed between the City of Rio and the Public Defender’s Office in August of last year, the recharge must always be made on the 10th of each month. The amount of R$ 54.25 was established based on a study by the Annes Dias Nutrition Institute and corresponds to the amount needed to purchase foodstuffs that students consumed at school.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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