Justice determines release of Paulo “Galo”, imprisoned

The Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) granted this Thursday (5) the habeas corpus that asks for the release of application delivery person Paulo Lima, known as Galo.

Detained in temporary prison for eight days, he is being investigated for his participation in the fire around the statue of pioneer Borba Gato, in the south of São Paulo.

According to lawyer Jacob Filho, Galo remains in the 2nd Police District, in the center of São Paulo, and can be released at any time.

Through social networks, Gessica Barbosa, Galo’s wife, celebrated the decision of the STJ: “Happiness defines me at this moment”, she published.

Risk of re-arrest

In an attempt to keep the activist in detention, the Civil Police has already requested the preventive detention of Galo and two others investigated for involvement in the fire at the monument.

:: Gessica, who lent Galo a cell phone, has his arrest revoked in a statue fire investigation ::

The new request will still be analyzed by judge Gabriela Marques Bertoli of the Criminal Forum of Barra Funda, the same one who decreed the temporary arrest of Galo and Gessica, who was released last Friday (30).

“This new request for imprisonment has no legal basis, as it did not previously. It is once again a political imprisonment, without any basis in the Brazilian legal system,” said Jacob Filho.

“Since this is a judge who decreed arrests without any legal basis, I do not doubt that the same will be repeated with regard to preventive”, completed the lawyer.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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