Justice authorizes coercive conduct of lawyer of

Attorney Marconny Nunes Ribeiro Albernaz de Faria may be coercively taken to Covid’s Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI), where he has a deposition scheduled for this Wednesday (15th), from 9:30 am.

Judge Pollyanna Kelly Martins Alves granted the request, made by the Commission, to issue a coercive driving warrant, if Faria did not appear, nor justify “the absence to the designated act of inquiry”. The decision was published on Monday (13).

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Marconny Faria is suspected of having acted as an intermediary for Need Medicines. The company is involved in an attempt to sell the Covaxin vaccine to the Ministry of Health — and there are several suspicions of irregularities in the negotiation, which ended up being suspended by the government.

The lawyer should have been heard by the CPI on September 2, but the day before he presented a medical certificate and did not attend the hearing. He had also appealed to the Supreme Court (STF) not to testify, but the request was denied. The testimony was requested by senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), vice president of the CPI.

The certificate sent to the CPI was for 20 days, for pelvic pain, issued by the Hospital Sírio-Libanês. However, according to the president of the CPI, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), the doctor who attended the lawyer contacted the Commission to report having suspected that the patient was lying. The CPI then approved the application for coercive conduct and, on Monday, the demand was met by the Court.

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The senators had also approved a request for the courts to retain Marconny Faria’s passport for 30 days. According to the request, Faria would also not be able to travel from the city where he lives without prior authorization from the CPI and would have to indicate to the Commission the telephone number and email address to be contacted. These requests, however, were denied by the courts.

* With information from the Senate Agency

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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