Judge orders the arrest of Galo and his wife for fire on a statue of Borba

The São Paulo State Court issued an arrest warrant against the application delivery person Paulo Roberto da Silva Lima, known as “Galo”, and his wife Géssica this Wednesday (28). The situation occurred after he voluntarily presented himself to the 11th Police District of Santo Amaro.

The Civil Police of São Paulo is investigating those allegedly involved in the fire set around the statue of Borba Gato, last Saturday (24), in the south zone of São Paulo. The collective “Revolução Periférica” has already assumed responsibility for the act, which did not cause any structural damage to the monument, made of concrete and covered with ceramics.

Galo claimed to be one of the authors of the protest. His wife was not even present at the time of the incident. They have a 3 year old daughter. Substitute judge Gabriela Marques da Silva Bertoli is the one who signs the arrest warrants.

The police will search and apprehend the protester’s house later this Wednesday. To do so, it counted on the collaboration of Galo himself, as reported in the defense note of the application deliverer, read the full text at the end of this article):

“The search and seizure warrant for Paulo’s residence had been sent to the wrong place and Paulo presented his correct address, authorizing and allowing entry into his residence for possible searches.”

Upon arriving at the police station, Galo made a brief statement about his thoughts:

The act that was done at Borba Gato was done to open a debate. At no point was that act done to hurt anyone or want to cause panic in society.

“And the debate was opened. Those who say it has to be done through democratic ways, we tried to do this. It opened the debate so that this debate can take place and people can now decide if they want a 3 meter tall statue that honors a genocide and an abuser of women,” he said.

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Last Saturday’s act at the statue of Borba Gato is part of a series of actions that defend the demolition of monuments that exalt characters of the enslavement of Afro-descendant and indigenous peoples. In the case of Manuel de Borba Gato, he made his fortune, in the second half of the 17th century, hunting indigenous people across the country’s backlands to enslave them.

In September 2016, when this movement began, the statue of the bandeirante dawned stained with ink, in a repudiation of his figure, as well as the Monument to the Flags, in Praça Armando Salles de Oliveira, in Ibirapuera, also in the south of São Paulo. .

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The decision to report to the police came after lawyers located a request for temporary arrest pending against Galo, and after the alleged “flagrant” arrest – which occurred 12 hours after the incident – of Thiago Vieira Zem, who was allegedly responsible for drive the truck used to take people and tires to the protest site. Zem has already been released.

Danilo Silva de Oliveira, known as Biu, also presented himself spontaneously to the DP on Wednesday, taking part in Saturday’s act. Upon arriving at the scene, he stated that “favelado never had a voice” and that, with the act, they seek to debate about having a monument honoring a person who was responsible for many deaths.

According to Jacob Filho, Galo’s lawyer, the defense was already waiting for a warrant to be issued against the deliveryman, who confirms having participated in the act. However, he says it is unreasonable to arrest his wife, who was not even at the scene. “To arrest a mother with a three-year-old child is absolutely meaningless. She wasn’t even present. We cannot understand the reason for all this”, he said.

According to the lawyer, the reason why Gessica is being involved in the case is that the cell phone used by Paulo that contained messages about the organization of the act was in his wife’s name. For him, the situation doesn’t make sense. After all, she wasn’t involved in the action.

Read the note from Galo’s defense about his arrest below.


Paulo (Galo) Lima performed this Wednesday, the 28th, at around 1 pm, at the 11th Police District of Santo Amaro, in São Paulo, where the fire against the statue of Borba Gato, which occurred last Saturday, is being investigated. 24.

The decision that decreed the temporary came out moments after he presented himself. The search and seizure warrant for Paulo’s residence had been sent to the wrong location and Paulo presented his correct address, authorizing and allowing entry into his residence for possible searches.

Besides him, Danilo Oliveira (Biu), appeared spontaneously to assist in the investigations and assume his participation in the act.

“For those who say that we need to go through democratic means, the aim of the act was to open the debate. Now, people are deciding whether they want a 13 meter tall statue of a genocide and woman abuser,” Paulo commented on occasion.

Galo’s wife, Gessica, was also present to collaborate with the investigations and was surprised to issue a temporary arrest warrant in her disfavor.

Gessica was not even present at the political act on July 24 and has a 3-year-old daughter with Paulo, who was also detained on that date.

Jacob e Lozano’s legal team monitors the progress of the process and may give a new statement shortly.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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