Judge determines eviction of 105 families who live

About 400 people who have been living in the Occupation of Queixadas since 2019 have until December 7 to voluntarily leave the land, located in Cajamar (São Paulo metropolitan region). Otherwise, as of December 8, the repossession will be carried out through state forces. The Public Defender’s Office says it will appeal the decision and residents say they will resist.

The preliminary decision taken this Monday (4) and published on October 6 is by judge Gina Fonseca Corrêa, from the 1st Court of the Foro de Cajamar. On Wednesday, residents of the Occupation of Queixadas reported having received a visit from the Environmental Military Police.

:: More than 100 families are threatened with eviction of land that was abandoned in SP for 19 years ::

The judge also determined that any construction that is in progress in the Occupation of Queixadas should be halted, with a fine of R$1 thousand for each day of non-compliance.

The injunction accepts the eviction request made by the brothers Vera and Aguinaldo Zanotti, who claim to own the area. Celebrating the court decision on your profile of Facebook, Vera Zanotti posted a community video made with drone footage to the sound of a funeral march. On his social networks, Zanotti continually expresses his unconditional support for President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) and revolt against politicians such as João Doria (PSDB) and Lula (PT).

As shown by Brazil in fact from the analysis of satellite images available on the Google Earth platform, however, evidence indicates that the terrain did not fulfill the social function required by the Federal Constitution for at least 19 years (maximum date on which images are available).

Or it didn’t, until the time when the families occupied it. Currently, the community, which is organized with the Luta Popular movement, has a community garden, a toy library, a popular library and tutoring classes.

“Me and my family have nowhere to go”

Among the 105 families about to be evicted, according to a register made by the Residents’ Association, there are 92 children, nine elderly and three people with disabilities.

Sandra Félix Cunhas is one of the residents of Queixadas – a name the community chose in honor of the group of the same name of workers from the Companhia Brasileira de Cimento Portland Perus, which in the 1960s, in the same region, staged a historic seven-year strike of duration.

Mother of three daughters and unemployed since the beginning of the pandemic, Sandra defines the Occupation as “everything in life”: “if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have a place to live”, she describes, saying she cannot afford to pay rent. “My family and I have nowhere to go,” he points out.

At 25 years old, Tainá Venâncio – or Nanázinha, as she is known – has lived with her niece in the Occupation of Queixadas since the beginning.

“Here I learned that if we don’t fight to get our rights… things won’t be as easy for us as for those who have a better life condition, right? For us, poor people from the periphery, everything is more complicated”, evaluates Nanázinha.

Life in the Queixadas brings, in Taina’s view, more than a roof. “Here we have an experience of living together, you know? How we wanted it to be out there. We experience it day after day: how to solve problems together, how to organize the children’s spaces, here we have the experience of planting for harvest, to make good use of the land”, he reports.

In relation to repossession, Nanázinha says that the community “will keep fighting”: “with all the resources we have”.

Reintegration scheduled for the day following the period in which evictions are suspended

The date chosen by judge Gina Fonseca Corrêa to carry out the repossession of the Occupation of the Queixadas was not for nothing.

Due to the Coronavirus health crisis, the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Roberto Barroso banned forced removals in Brazil for a period of six months “or until the pandemic lasts”. The semester since he issued the decision in June is due on December 7th. The eviction of the Occupation of Queixadas is scheduled for the following day.

Bill 827/2020, which also suspends evictions in the pandemic, but until December 31, was approved by Congress on September 27 and has yet to be enacted to have the force of law.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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