Jojo Todynho charges Eduardo Paes in Rio: “Camelô no

Singer Jojo Todynho criticized the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes (PSD), for the actions of the Municipal Guard against the work of street vendors in the capital of Rio de Janeiro. On Sunday (31), she posted a sequence of videos in the tool “stories”, the social network Instagram, and said that she was even in the mayor’s office recently.

“I’m not going to talk to you anymore in your office, no, Eduardo Paes. I don’t want words, I want attitudes. I’m waiting for an answer from you, because a street vendor deserves respect, a street vendor is not a bum,” fired the singer.

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Jojo said street vendors need to work to support their families “because emergency aid [que chegou ao fim no domingo] it’s no good.” The funkeira told in the video that she used to be a street vendor and that she “suffered a lot at the hands of municipal guards”.

“What’s your problem with street vendors? It’s a shame to know about the situation of these people, with families to support, and being oppressed on the street by the Municipal Guard. , because they can’t,” declared the singer.

Last Wednesday (27), street vendors staged a demonstration in the streets of downtown Rio against the removal of workplaces in the region. The City Hall intends to implement the “Reviver Centro” program and does not have a project that contemplates the permanence of street vendors in Largo da Carioca, for example.

The coordinator of the Unidos do Camelô Movement (MUCA), Maria de Lurdes do Carmo, known as Maria dos Camelôs, said last week that the category “is tired of being bullied by the government. “People have been out of work for a month, in need, because the City Hall did not fulfill the agreement”.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

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