“It’s the scam company,” says LIQ’s telemarketing attendant

In May of this year, the attendants of LIQ, a telemarketing company, located in João Pessoa (PB) in the Mangabeira neighborhood, made a warning stoppage to collect the payment of back wages.

::LIQ attendants protested this Thursday (13) for the payment of salaries::

In order for you to understand what LIQ is, just remember the attendants and attendants when you receive a phone call or contact the companies Latam, Rappi, Abril, Santander and Oi to solve problems or ask questions. Well, it is likely that when you do this or receive a call, you are talking to one of those LIQ employees, who today report labor violations committed by the company.

After three months, the situation remains the same. Complaints of late wages, non-compliance with the payment of termination of work and vacation, in addition to non-payment of health plans of employees who are entitled, in addition to delays in payment of tickets and failure to pay bonuses achieved by the goals achieved.

In a statement to Brasil de Fato, one of the employees revealed to us the drama of working for LIQ. “I have been working at the company for ten months. Of these 10 months, LIQ paid 4 on the 5th business day of the month. All others were in delay. In addition, they delay allowances for home office workers, they delay tickets,” said an attendant who declined to be identified.

According to company employees, this is a recurrent situation. “Workers need to take it out of their own pockets to work and we only receive one salary to do everything. Since last year they are hiring without a health plan and some months they have not transferred the value of the health plan. People went to hospitals and could not be seen at the hospitals”, denounced another official.

According to him, “the main focus of LIQ is to provoke dismissal for just cause. They’re firing older employees to hire novices without rights. The most important thing is: they fire employees and do not pay termination, many people have not even received the papers to file for unemployment insurance. More than 700 employees were fired and only those who put a lawyer on their own were received. People who were fired and did not write off their portfolio. Anyway, it’s a mess. It’s the company of the coup”, he vented.

In addition to these complaints, other more serious ones, such as the non-payment of the FGTS and undue discounts on employees’ salaries are also being made. “The FGTS since May 2020 that LIQ does not deposit and on top of that they opened two accounts and this I prove with prints. The LIQ also discounted the night surcharge last year. People who worked from 19:40 to 02:00 received an additional 20% and the company ate 10% and until today we don’t know where this money is. In addition to all that, the company discounted tickets for people who never used the bus. Some had discounts of R$ 500 on their salary related to the ticket, without nor using a bus, a real absurdity.”, another LIQ attendant reported indignantly.

::LIQ employees work stoppages and demand payment of salaries::

Many employees complain about the pressure to meet the goals set by LIQ. Pressure also comes in the form of dismissal when trying to negotiate a shift or schedule. “Many attendants were fired for trying to change hours because of college. And unfortunately the terminations of these people have not yet been paid. These people were left unemployed and still without any income. Not even the papers LIQ released,” said an attendant.

::LIQ calls police to remove ex-employee claiming termination of employment::

We sought out the Union of Telecommunications Workers of the State of Paraíba (SINTELL-PB), which stated that it was monitoring the entire situation of the LIQ attendants. “SINTTEL took all appropriate measures, from a warning stoppage, with repudiation in the local and national press, through our Federation. As well as joining a Class Action Action, and denouncements with the MPT, MTE and request for inspection by the Sanitary Surveillance for workers’ reports of poor conditions in the work environment”, declared Marta Sena, president of SINTTEL-PB.

We looked to LIQ to explain this recurring situation, but we have not had any answers so far.

Source: BoF Paraíba

Edition: Heloisa de Sousa

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