In the city of Rio, 94.5% of patients admitted to the network

A survey carried out by the Municipal Health Department of Rio shows that 94.5% of patients hospitalized with covid-19 at the Ronaldo Gazolla Municipal Hospital, in Acari, in the northern part of the state capital, were not vaccinated against the disease caused by the new coronavirus. The data show the effectiveness and need for immunization in the population.

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Until last Saturday (30), the hospital in Acari, which became a reference in the city for the treatment of covid-19, had 218 patients with the disease. Of these, 206 are not vaccinated and the other 12 took only the first dose of the vaccine.

As of last Thursday night (28), 5,757,150 people had taken the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine. With the complete vaccination scheme (two doses or a single dose), there are already 4,465,338 people, which represents a coverage of 66.2% of the total population and 84.6% of the adult population (from 18 years of age).

Booster doses in the elderly and people with a high degree of immunosuppression total 688,437 applications so far.

The last epidemiological bulletin of the city shows that, since March 2020, Rio has 490,173 cases of covid-19, with 34,984 deaths. In 2021, there are 273,704 cases and 15,890 deaths. This year’s fatality rate is at 5.8%, against 8.8% in 2020; and mortality, at 238.5 per 100,000 inhabitants, against 286.6/100,000 last year.

On Friday (29), the City of Rio informed that, given the improvement in the epidemiological scenario in the city, it created a new parameter in the risk map for transmission of covid-19: low risk – classification in which the entire municipality is , as presented by the 43rd edition of the newsletter. All 33 administrative regions of the municipality are currently in the low-risk care stage.

City Hall of the city of Rio de Janeiro changed parameters and created the “low risk” category for the current epidemiological scenario of the city / Reproduction

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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