In Texas, who report an abortion may earn 10

Since time ago, the men who did not love the women were not a fiction, but continue to write the story on the basis of terror. On this occasion, he starred in a sinister chapter of the American narrative by the governor of Texas, Greg Abbot. After being news for assuming the continuation of the wall designed by Donald Trump, the republican turns to the news for basically preventing women’s access to abortion procedures, a right guaranteed by the law.

Since 1973, when the case Roe v. Wade was tried by the Supreme Court of the United States, the right to safe and legal abortion is valid throughout the country. However, as explained by Sean Mehl, associate director of clinical services of the women’s reproductive rights organization Whole Woman’s Health, this is the basis but within the limit of the legislation.

“The states have no autonomy to annul Roe against Wade, but they can make their understanding more flexible and impose new restrictions”, says Mehl to Brazil in fact.

And that’s what Abbott says: he built another wall, but instead of immigrants, wanting to corner the women and their rights. The ultra-conservative politician approved a law project entitled “Ley del Latido del Corazón” (Heartbeat Bill, in English), which prohibits access to any abortive process from the moment a fetal bark is identified. The investigators believe that this nomenclature is too imprecise and they may understand that the barks of the heart can be detected in the first six weeks of embarrassment.

“We are in scientific and philosophical debates, and I could expose a series of arguments that demonstrate that what we see we saw in the first six weeks is not necessarily the bark of the fetal heart, but it all seems to me as a distraction, because it causes the focus of the patient, of the woman”, defended Mehl.

According to Whole Woman’s Health data, approximately 90% of abortion procedures performed in Texas take place after the first six weeks of embarrassment because most women do not know that they are embarrassed before that period.

“I believe it is important to stop inventing and call this law by its correct name: prohibition of abortion”, says Mehl. “What Texas is doing is prohibiting women’s access to this right.”

La ley, which is scheduled to enter into force on September 1st, will especially affect black women, low income people, young people and those who live in rural areas, due to the important obstacles they face to access it. abortion.

Map of abortion in Latin America. Data are from June 2020 . Fernando Bertolo/ Brazil in fact

“Those who can pay will have to travel hundreds or thousands of kilometers to reach another state and find the treatment that, in theory, is their right,” says Mehl.

The governor of Texas defended his measures with religious precepts. “Our creator gave us the right to life and, without embargo, millions of children pierced their right to life each year because of abortion”, I said before signing the law project.

Under similar justifications, but identical, other 14 states also adopt rules that practically prohibit abortion. In addition to the area under Abbott jurisdiction, the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, South Carolina and Tennessee also impose a series of obstacles that exist that abortion is an impossible option.

The new Texan norm, however, calls for attention for a peculiarity: alienates and even rewards those who denounce women or doctors involved in abortion procedures. This means that any citizen who sues a person for violations of this new abortion law can receive in excess of $10,000.

“This will entail a huge burden and trauma for patients, who may feel insecure at the time of seeking relief, even in nearby people and friends,” predicts the director of Whole Woman’s Health. “This ruins the entire support system available to women, because whoever is not in agreement with their decision can file a lawsuit against the patient or against the professionals who work for their benefit.”

The Supreme Court must revoke Texas legislation, says professor

The law of reproductive law and professor of the University of the State of Florida, Mary Ziegler, considers that the law of Texas will be revoked “for the next summer the short time” by the Supreme Court, but it could promote similar actions by other governments conservatives.

“We will likely see conservative states, even those that are served by more liberal state courts, taking similar actions because when we challenged the constitutionality of law in the United States we brought it to the Supreme Court, and that’s what it wants to carry. this debate in the highest court, where there is possibility and probability of annulment of the law”, pronosticó Ziegler a Brazil in fact.

The teacher, who also investigates the topic, emphasizes, however, that they are not necessarily a reflection of public opinion, and that a large part of the local population is in favor of the cause. “At the end of the day, what is clear is the irony of the American status quo, determined by conflicting positions,” says Ziegler. “We decided ‘yes, el abortion es un derecho’, but we don’t like it; we also want to prohibit it, but we want to regulate it”.

The repercussions of the Texan legislation could serve as ammunition for the reelection of Greg Abbott, although his intention to run for another term is clear, and he does not rule out the possibility of being a republican candidate for the Casa Blanca in 2024. The “Ley” de los Latidos del Corazón” would therefore be his credential as an ultra-conservative candidate for president.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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