In Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes returns to defend the third dose

Amid discussions about the application of the third dose of the vaccine against covid-19, the mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes (PSD) defended the measure again. At the Twitter, Paes asked the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, to make a resolution including the third dose in the national immunization schedule.

In the post, Paes says that “it is time to move forward with the decision to apply the third dose to the elderly in September. We are going to save lives”. The National Immunization Plan (PNI) does not have a study for the elderly to be immunized a third time.

Since the beginning of the month, Paes has been expressing his intention to offer a booster dose against covid-19 until the end of the year. He argues that the measure could kick-start an annual revaccination scheme.

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However, the defense of the mayor of Rio and the debate on the third dose comes at an inopportune moment marked by inequality in the application of doses around the world. While in many countries there will be a vaccine for everyone, other poorer countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America have not even been able to start vaccinating due to scarcity of doses.

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal The Lancet, the richest countries in the world, home to nearly 16% of the world’s population, have secured about 70% of the top five vaccines on the market.

In poor countries, only 0.2% of all vaccines were administered, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Based on these data, mass vaccination in these poorer countries could not begin until 2024 at best, according to the journal. The Economist.

In addition, studies on the need for revaccination have not yet been completed. Laboratories such as BioNTech and Pfizer confirmed that they are carrying out studies to assess the need for a third application, given the growth of variants.

There is still no consensus on the matter worldwide. WHO is against the application of a third dose while there is a shortage of vaccine and immunization is not accessible to all nations.

Pfizer break

This Tuesday (27), the City of Rio informed that it has not yet decided whether to adopt the reduction in the range of Pfizer’s vaccine against covid-19. Last Monday (26), the executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Rodrigo Cruz, informed that the folder will reduce the time between the application of two doses from the current three months to 21 days. The measure should be made official by the end of this week.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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