In reinforcing the anti-migration policy, the US wants to increase the deportation of Brazilians

The United States asked Brazil that deportation flights for Brazilians who try to enter the country illegally take place three times a week, instead of just once, as is currently the case.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil agreed to make two flights a week, but asked for an end to the use of handcuffs on trips, says a report by Folha de S. Paulo published this Thursday (30).

“Itamaraty has expressed concern to the US authorities regarding humanitarian aspects concerning repatriation flights and regarding respect for the dignity of deported Brazilians, in particular regarding the use of handcuffs,” Itamaraty wrote in a note to the newspaper.

Brazilian authorities also defend that Brazilian children adopted by US parents should not be deported and called for “humanitarian gestures”. US immigration policies, however, dictate that adopted children do not automatically receive citizenship.

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In the city of Del Río, Texas, more than 10,000 Haitians have sought refuge while waiting under a bridge after entering the United States without the necessary documents. More than two thousand Haitians were deported and another five thousand were arrested.

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) issued a statement last week stating that “mass and summary expulsions currently taking place, without trying to determine protection needs, are contrary to international law and may constitute forced return.”

After a setback in 2020, the number of people trying to enter the United States undocumented has increased again. According to the US Customs and Border Protection Service, there were more than 47,000 seizures between October 2020 and September 2021.

Brazilian Lenilda dos Santos was found dead in a desert in the United States in early September after trying to enter the country without documents.

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