In Peru, Pedro Castillo reforms cabinet and amends 7

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo carried out, on Thursday (7), his first cabinet reform just 70 days after taking office. There are seven new ministers from a total of 19. The change was motivated by the resignation of the prime minister, Guido Bellido, delivered last Wednesday (7).

Bellido would have resigned at Castillo’s request due to political and ideological disagreements.

The new leader of the Council of Ministers will be the former president of the Congress, Mirtha Vásquez, of the Free Peru Party. Vice President Dina Boluarte takes over as Minister of Development and Social Inclusion.

“I understand that he is looking for a name that has negotiating strength within Congress and with the forces that make up his cabinet to implement the policies he announced, since so far the Peruvian public sector is on autopilot”, analyzes Peruvian anthropologist Javier Towers.

In an interview with local Peruvian media, Mirtha Vásquez said that he will seek a strategy of approximation with the Legislative Power, “I feel that both powers are in the wrong logic of war, and when faced with any action, the other responds with reaction”, commented the new first- minister.

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In other portfolios, Betssy Chávez Chino takes over Work and Gisela Ortiz Perea, Culture.

Carlos Gallardo takes over as Minister of Education in place of Juan Callido. Luis Roberto Varranzuela takes over as Interior Minister, replacing his predecessor Juan Carrasco.

The Ministries of Energy and Mines and of Production were also altered.

“I take these decisions in favor of governability: balance of powers is the bridge between the rule of law and democracy. It must seek tranquility and cohesion in government,” President Pedro Castillo declared after announcing the ministerial reform.

The new cabinet is expected to pass the vote of confidence by the Parliament in the coming days, following the Peruvian constitutional rite.

Meanwhile, the ruling Peruvian Free Party has said it does not support the new cabinet and will work to raise signatures in favor of the constitutional referendum to change the country’s current Magna Carta, one of Castillo’s main campaign proposals.

“The Peru Livre caucus does not support this cabinet. This is because we consider it a betrayal of all the majorities that have waited for many years to come to power for them to be met, and we do not see a minimal consequence here to meet these demands”, declared the leader of the bench, Waldemar Cerrón.

Last week, messages from a Whats app group of parliamentarians from the Free Peru Party also became public. There, former prime minister Guido Bellido and the president of the party, Vladimir Cerrón, asked the bench to draw up a document demanding the removal of chancellor Oscar Maúrtua.

However, other congressmen say they will vote for governability. giving a vote of confidence to the new cabinet, as is the case of deputy Katy Ugarte (Peru Libre).

For the editor of the Peruvian portal Noticias SER, Javier Torres, the change in the head of the cabinet of ministers marks a break between Castillo and Free Peru.

“More than a moderation from an ideological point of view, I believe it is a response to the chaotic management of Prime Minister Bellido. Peru Livre, unfortunately, has not shown the capacity for governance”, comments Torres.

Regarding the reform of the Constitution, enacted during the Alberto Fujimori regime, the Peruvian analyst does not see the possibility that the proposal will go forward before 2023.

“It is a present flag, but there are no favorable political conditions in Congress for it to be implemented. It is also not very clear what changes are proposed by Free Peru”, concludes Javier Torres.

Edition: Arturo Hartmann

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