In MG, users demonstrate against the interdiction of Centers

On Wednesday (25), users of mental health services, their families, workers and popular anti-asylum movements held a demonstration against the interdiction of Reference Centers in Mental Health (CERSAMs) of Belo Horizonte by the Regional Council of Medicine ( CRM/MG). The act took place in front of the main entrance of BH City Hall.

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Simultaneously to the act, there was a public hearing convened at the House’s Health and Sanitation Commission to debate the topic. However, representatives of the Municipal Health Councils, District and Local Commissions, social movements, user entities, family members and health workers were not invited to participate.

According to the retired psychiatrist of CERSAM Nordeste and representative of the Psychiatry, Democracy and Care in Freedom Movement, Ana Marta, “the act had the participation of users from all CERSAMs in Belo Horizonte”. For Ana, “the lack of popular participation in the public hearing brings great indignation and that is why we were shouting slogans to councilors who did not invite us to discuss what concerns us”.

:: SUS and Anti-Asylum users demonstrate at the door of the Medical Council ::

Users assume the cause for themselves, like the treatment they receive and are demonstrating / Ana Marta

understand the case

In a public note, released on July 24, the Regional Council of Medicine of Minas Gerais said it would carry out an “ethical ban” on medical activities in 16 Reference Centers in Mental Health (Cersams) in Belo Horizonte.

According to Laura Fusaro, a CERSAM user and advisor to the Municipal Health Council, “it is very clear that this is an attempt to impose changes in the psychosocial care model in Belo Horizonte, threatening to de-assist users”, and that “the proposition shows a profound lack of knowledge and disrespect for a job that has been done for decades in Belo Horizonte”, he denounces.

“There is no dialogue”

Users and entities have found it difficult to establish a dialogue with the Regional Council of Medicine of MG. Laura states that “the CRM did not participate in the plenary of the Municipal Health Council that debated the topic, in addition to not dialoguing with the Council about the irregularities”.

The Municipal Health Council is the body responsible for drawing up public policies and “when the class council acts as it did without dialogue, it is something very serious”.


The CRM note triggered a series of reactions from users and movements of the anti-asylum fight. According to Laura, the movements “do not want the changes proposed by the CRM and do not recognize that such irregularities are issues to be changed”.

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For Ana Marta, “it is very beautiful to see how users take the cause for themselves, like the treatment they receive and are showing themselves”, she points out. According to Laura, “we need to alert the population that the CERSAMs are not a place where people are left unattended or without scientific and technical support”, and that “it is a service that knows how to serve well and that is very important to users”.

Next steps

The movement is collecting signatures for a document that will be filed with the CMBH to give a voice to users and workers of social control. In addition, they will get in touch with the OAB health commission.

Ana Marta also states that “we will remain alert to call for new demonstrations, if necessary.” Next week, the movement will hold a live chat on social networks “In defense of the BH mental health network: People are to shine”.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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