In its sixth edition, the book fair “Salão do Livro

A traditional book fair, the sixth edition of the Salão do Livro Politico starts this Friday (24) and ends on October 3rd. Unlike other years, this event will be completely online, but it’s still free.

In total, the fair, which is organized by publishers Alameda, Anita Garibaldi, Autonomia Literária and Boitempo, will feature 56 publishers with book sales at discounts of 20% to 50%. In addition to the sale of books, the program will also have debates and a course on fascism and authoritarianism, also with free registration. All tables will be broadcast live on TV Boitempo and PUC SP on Youtube.

According to the organizers of the event, “the themes discussed in this edition will cross several areas of the human sciences and current affairs such as military in politics, climate crisis, covid-19 pandemic, Latin America, extreme right, precariousness of work, neoliberalism, war cultural, socialism and much more”.

Slavoj Žižek, Manuela D’Ávila, Vladimir Safatle, Pedro Serrano, Raquel Rolnik and Cuban writer Leonardo Padura are some of the confirmed names.

Check out the full schedule of debates:

September 24th – Friday

18h | Brazil and overcoming multiple crises with Sabrina Fernandes, Manuela D’ávila and Marilena Chauí.
20h | Pandemic and the reinvention of communism with Slavoj Žižek and Vladimir Safatle.

September 25th – Saturday

11am | International: We need to be comrades! Surviving is not a political act! with Jodi Dean and Christian Dunker.
16h | Does Cuban socialism have a future? with Leonardo Padura, Joana Salem, Valério Arcary and Breno Altman.
20h | Climate crisis: what does capitalism have to do with it? with Tiago Ávila, Raquel Rolnik, Murillo van Der Laan and Alceu Castilho.

september 26th – sunday

11am | International: What can Soviet feminists teach about family and pandemic states? with Wendy Goldman and Flávia Biroli.
16h | How did we get to the biggest crisis in the publishing market? with José Castilho, Mariana Bueno, Maria Borin and Lizandra Magon de Almeida.
20h | Insurgent South America with Atílio Boron, Ana Maria Prestes, Fabio Luis Barbosa and Natalia Urbán.

September 28th – Tuesday

20h | From the judicialization of politics to the institutionalization of fascism with Aldo Arantes, Pedro Serrano, Alessandra Devulsky and Pedro Davoglio.

September 29th – Wednesday

20h | How to put the military back in the barracks? with Cel. Marcelo Pimentel, João Quartim, Edson Teles and Eleonora Lucena.

September 30th – Thursday

20h | Popular struggles and political organization with Letícia Parks, Tabata Amaral, Edmilson Costa, Talíria Petrone and Fernando Garcia.

October 1st – Friday

20h | How to grow again after the pandemic crisis with Pedro Rossi, Alexandre Freitas Barbosa, Juliane Furno and Antonio Martins.

October 2nd – Saturday

11am | International: The end of the police! with Alex Vitale and Amauri Gonzo.
16h | The parallel world and the cultural (and virtual) war of the far right with Rubens Casara, Sérgio Amadeu, Fabio Palácio, Ismail Xavier and Cynara Menezes.
20h | USA vs China: a new Cold War? with Melissa Cambuhy, Elias Jabour, João Carvalho and Gabriel Landi.

October 3rd – Sunday

16h | The problem of the Armed Forces in democracy with Perpetua Almeida, Raul Jungman, Aldo Rebelo and Fabio Pannunzio
20h | The uberization of work: class struggle in the digital age with Rafael Grohmann, Ricardo Antunes, Renata Mielli and Márcio Pochmann.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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