In Ceará, TRE reverses decision that revoked the mandate of the

On Thursday (5) the process of revoking the mandate of the mayor, Glêdson Bezerra (Podemos) and deputy mayor Giovanni Sampaio (PSD) of Juazeiro do Norte, in Ceará, took place. The Plenum of the Regional Electoral Court of Ceará (TRE-CE) reversed, by 5 votes to 2, the lower court decision that revoked the mandate of the ticket elected in 2020, which was responsible for abuse of political and economic power during the campaign.

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According to the complaint, in his campaign there was the use of a helicopter and unproven fuel expenses. The decision can still be appealed to higher courts.

The lawyer, Valter Filho explains that, first of all, it is necessary to understand that this trial today affected the entire city of Juazeiro do Norte, because, according to him, the population knew the consequences of the result, regardless of whether the mayor was impeached or not. . Second, Valter points out that any decision that came would have consequences and, with that, the TRE’s responsibility increased.

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“There was already a great responsibility, but it increased significantly, because there is the pedagogical side of the sentence and what we saw is that it was a process that had as its object the abuse of economic power for the misuse of a helicopter and for unproven expenses with fuel”.

With the result, the lawyer informs that what was noticed is that the TRE set a dangerous precedent, because “if the use of helicopters and unproven fuel expenditure does not represent an abuse of economic power, what will happen in the next elections?”.

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For him, Glêdson Bezerra is strengthened because it is a considerable victory, but he does not know how far this strengthening will go, with regard to his administration, which, according to Valter, is completely disastrous.

“He failed to have a majority in the chamber, which significantly complicated his administration. He does not have a majority in the chamber and the public policies he has been developing, which is very little, tending to almost nothing, cannot provide an answer to what society expected when he was elected”.

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Still on today’s result, Valter believes they will appeal to the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), since there is still an appeal for impeachment for abuse of economic power.

“There is no way we can predict what the TSE will do. I know it’s more of an insecurity. He [Glêdson] it will take this management, which is very bad here in Juazeiro, but it will remain in this situation of insecurity and the one who loses, unfortunately, is the city”.

On his social networks, Glêdson Bezerra thanked everyone who “desired justice to be done, the right to vote to be respected and democracy to be respected”.

In the video, he states that “today is a day of joy, but it is a day of reflection. Since we started our government, we have been victims of a whole attack that makes it impossible for us to carry out our work satisfactorily”.

O Brazil in fact tried to get in contact with the defense of Glêdson Bezerra, but until the closing of the matter there were no answers.

Check out the complete TRE-CE session here.

Source: BoF Ceará

Edition: Monyse Ravenna

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