In Black Consciousness Week, alternates take office and

Six black councilors and councilors and alternate blacks assumed parliamentary terms in the Porto Alegre City Council, this Wednesday (17), due to the course of the Week of Black Consciousness. They are Reginete Bispo, Baba Diba de Yemonja and Alberto Terres, from the PT, Sâmila Monteiro (Novo), Divina Diva da Restinga (SD) and Pai Ricardo D’Oxum (PSDB). With that, in the coming days, there will be 11 parliamentarians

Afterwards, a solemn session was held in honor of black personalities from Porto Alegre, an initiative of the Board of Directors, together with the black bench of councilors, composed of Karen Santos and Matheus Gomes, from PSOL, Bruna Rodrigues and Daiana Santos, from PCdoB, and Laura Sito (PT). Each of the 36 councilors nominated up to three personalities to receive the diploma in honor of their trajectory.

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Councilwoman Laura Sito (PT), representing the Board of Directors, highlighted the importance of the date and the presence of black people occupying spaces of popular representation. “It is an immense joy to see so many black faces sitting in the Chamber. It moves me and is the strength of our fight for an anti-racist city. In 248 years of the Casa, for the first time we have elected a black bench. Fruit of the struggle of decades”, he added. After her speech from the rostrum, Laura assumed the chair of the session.

Naiara Silveira, daughter of Oliveira Silveira, read excerpts from her father’s works. The poet, intellectual and black activist who was part of Grupo Palmares was one of the leaders of the campaign for the recognition of Black Consciousness Day on November 20th.

Conceição Fontoura, a member of Grupo Cultural Palmares, told about her trajectory in the group that was founded with the aim of promoting studies on history, arts and other cultural aspects, particularly in relation to blacks and mestizos of black origin.

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Plenary was full to honor the black people of Porto Alegre / Photo: Ederson Nunes/CMPA

Substitutes highlight black people’s resistance

Reginete Bispo took over from Leonel Radde (PT), between 17 and 21, and will be part of the Constitution and Justice Commission during that period. As previously assumed, when she took the oath and made her pronouncement, the councilor did not occupy the rostrum.

Baba Diba de Yemonja took over from Jonas Reis (PT) and, during his leave period, between November 17th and 19th, he will be part of the Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Commission (Cece). In his speech at the rostrum, Baba Diba criticized the fact that, due to impediment by the Internal Regiment, he could not take office with the appropriate attire, which identifies him with the people of African origin he represents. He projected that, “in the name of democracy, this will one day change”.

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Sanitarist and supporter of the Unified Health System highlighted his pride in taking office amid the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the institution on the 20th of November, which honors Zumbi dos Palmares. According to the congressman, Zumbi “inaugurated a new process of black resistance to all kinds of oppression and racial discrimination in Brazil”.

Alberto Terres assumed the seat of councilor Aldacir Oliboni (PT), also for the period from November 17th to 19th and, during this period, he will be part of the Health and Environment Commission (Cosmam).

He began his first demonstration as a parliamentarian referring to his condition as a municipal citizen, a member of the trade union of the category, representative of the Workers’ Union (CUT) and Simpa in the Municipal Health Council. years of the 20th of November. “It’s an honor for all blacks and all blacks.”

Terres highlighted the struggle for the implementation of public policies such as Education, Health, Social Assistance, especially for the black population, who need these services. He regretted what he defined as “a scrapping project”, as could be seen in the Unified Health System during the pandemic, and with the labor and social security reforms.

He also criticized PEC 95, which froze investments for 20 years in the country, and the processing of the Administrative Reform, which, according to him, “will put a dash of lime on public service” and needs to be stopped with the mobilization of workers. [Continua depois do vídeo.]

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Divina Diva da Restinga will occupy the position of Cláudio Janta (SD) and will be part of the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) during this period. She highlighted the special day for her community, Restinga, formed by workers with dreams and expectations, “where each day is a battle”. He said that it took him eight years to reach Parliament and that he will fight for social and racial equality, and for education.

She said that she represents everyone who goes through situations of racial prejudice and that contempt gave her strength. “A friend once asked me to help with a project. She was illiterate and said: ‘Be my pen and my writing, because the rest I will do’. This is what I will do for a people who cry about inequality, but who love life with intensity”, he emphasized.

Sâmila Monteiro will remain in office until the 19th, replacing councilor Mari Pimentel (Novo) and, during this period, will be a member of the Committee on Education, Culture, Sports and Youth (Cece). In her statement, the 25-year-old parliamentarian, who lives in Restinga, described herself as a liberal and thanked her 2,251 voters. He described the current government’s advances towards the pillars he defended in the campaign: freedom to live, work and undertake.

He noted the importance of ownership during the Week of Black Consciousness “because it serves as a stimulus for the self-esteem of the black individual.” He also stated that blacks are not a subordinate figure and that this is of greater importance to see the representation of the black bench in the Legislative, “kept the political differences of thought”.

Father Ricardo D’Oxum (PSDB) said it is important to assume the mandate of councilor in an emblematic week for his people. He thanked his voters and councilor Moisés Barboza (PSDB), who made the temporary opening of the mandate possible.

He stated that his struggle is so that “the struggle of black consciousness is remembered every day”, so that blacks are remembered for their history and struggle. He advocated greater dialogue to combat prejudice and social inequality, as well as the inclusion of projects on the subject in schools and communities.

* With information from the City Council of Porto Alegre

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

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