In Belo Horizonte, the cost of the basic food basket increased by 1.1% in August and 20%

In August, the cost of the basic food basket in Belo Horizonte reached R$574.53, that is, 52.23% of the minimum wage. The expenses of a worker with food increased by 1.1% in the month, according to the Institute of Economic, Administrative and Accounting Research of Minas Gerais (Ipead/UFMG).

The calculation is based on variations in the prices of 13 food products. In the measurement of the month of August, the biggest increases occurred in the prices of cockatiel bananas (16.37%), English potatoes (15.57%) and ground coffee (10.60%). On the other hand, Santa Cruz tomatoes (-9.93%) and butter (-3.03%) registered a fall.

In the 12-month period, the basic food basket was 19.98% more expensive in Belo Horizonte and all items in the basket registered an increase in this period. One of the main villains has been the plain meat from the inside, which increased 30.73% in one year.

::How far is the price of food and what does this mean for the Brazilian population?::

Inflation and minimum wage

In August, the Restricted Consumer Price Index (IPCR) increased by 0.45%. This index measures the costs of families with income between 1 and 5 minimum wages, including non-food items and other food items, in addition to those included in the calculation of the basic food basket. In 12 months, inflation was 10.15%.

Last week, the government sent the National Congress a budget bill for 2022, providing for a replacement of 6.27% of the minimum wage, starting in January of next year.

According to the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies (Dieese), in August, the minimum necessary for the maintenance of a family of four people, being two adults and two children, would be R$ 5,583.90, in other words, approximately of five times the current level.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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