In an anti-trafficking operation, the PF arrests the advisor of

The Federal Police (PF) arrested, during an operation that tries to dismantle a scheme linked to drug trafficking, one of the advisors of senator Marcos Rogério (DEM-RO), one of the vice-leaders of the Jair Bolsonaro government (no party) in the National Congress . Marcelo Guimarães Cortez Leite, whose house was also the target of a search and seizure warrant, was arrested on Wednesday (1st), in Rondônia.

According to information from columnist Juliana Dal Piva, from the UOL portal, the now former advisor was considered a person trusted by the senator of Democrats and is married to a state prosecutor, the congressman’s electoral base and Leite’s point of work with the federal mandate.

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The order that resulted in the arrest came from Judge Antônio Sanada Rocha, from the 1st Court of Toxics and Crimes of Porto Velho (RO). The decision was made within the scope of Operation Reach, carried out by the PF not only in the state capital, but also in the cities of Cacoal (RO), Guajará-Mirim (RO), Boa Vista (RR), Santa Luzia (MG) and Fortaleza (EC).

The latter would be the final destination of the drug shipment whose flow is investigated by agents. Also according to information from UOL, Porto Velho would be the scheme’s money laundering point. The PF points out that those involved would have operated a ton of cocaine on the Rondônia-Ceará route and received the amount of R$ 1.5 million within 15 days.

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On Twitter, senator Marcos Rogério commented on the case this Thursday afternoon (2) and said he was surprised by what happened. He informed that he had disconnected the advisor.

“I was surprised by the news of a search and seizure at the house of one of my advisors, who was located in the Porto Velho (RO) office. I have no information about the existence of an offense, but as a result of the investigations, I decided to exonerate it, awaiting clarification of the facts.”

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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