“I never imagined that we could go back as

The meeting began with a healing ritual for the Jenipapo-kanindé indigenous people, carried out by Cacique Pequena, the first female chief in Brazil. Soon after, there were presentations of popular Ceará culture such as capoeira, coco, maracatu, among others. The masters of culture from Ceará were also present at the meeting and delivered souvenirs to Lula. The singer and composer from Ceará, Ednardo took the stage and compared Lula’s arrest and release with one of his greatest hits, “Pavão Mysterioso”. And ended by saying that like a phoenix, Lula is back.

Lula pointed out issues about culture, workers’ rights, the pandemic, among others. “Now, Bolsonaro wants to destroy the public service in order to put whoever he wants in. Look, if without destroying he has already put more than 6,500 soldiers to occupy public positions, doubling the salaries of the military, because the ‘guy’ receives as a retired military and receives working in the government. If he, without changing the statute, has already done that, imagine what he will do if he manages to change the law on civil servants.”

Popular movements also had a moment of speaking. Will Pereira, president of CUT Ceará told Lula that it is essential to resume employment and end, or reduce hunger in the Brazilian population. In addition, she also reminded about the importance of looking to informal professionals. Ana Cristina, representative of Sindiute said that education in Brazil is dying and asked for more investments in public education.

Antônia Keila, leader of the MST, spoke about the need to break the genocidal policy that the country is experiencing and concluded “Count on our strength and resistance”. Agrarian reform products were also delivered.

The cultural professionals, on the other hand, spoke about the importance of maintaining a culture policy in the country and, especially, in the state. Fabiano dos Santos Piúba, Secretary of Culture of Ceará, stated in his speech that “we want the MINC back”. Actor Silvero Pereira said that “the hope is in the elections”.

“It’s good to be in Ceará, to see artists, militancy, northeastern art,” stated Gleisi Hoffmann, federal deputy and president of the PT, and reminded Lula of Lula’s visits to other states in the Northeast. About the accusations against Lula, his arrest and the proof of his innocence in the cases, Gleici said “Now Lula is free, Lula innocent, Lula with us”.

The governor of the state of Ceará, Camilo Santana stated that he was moved by today’s meeting and exalted the masters of culture and their arts. Shortly after the governor’s speech, the meeting ended with former president Lula who spoke a little about Brazil’s return to the hunger map, and reminded the participants that the country had left this map while still in office. “After our experience in government, I never imagined that we could go back the way we did. I want to tell you that if there is a Brazilian today who is hard to believe what happened in Brazil, it’s me. Because we presented a guy as a candidate who was undoubtedly the best minister of education in the history of that country, comrade Fernando Haddad. We present the intelligence that was defeated by ignorance”.

Lula will stay in Ceará until Monday (23), when he will continue his tour of the Northeast, passing through Rio Grande do Norte and Bahia.

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Source: BoF Ceará

Edition: Monyse Ravenna

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