Human rights course honoring centenary

It takes place this Wednesday (25), at 3 pm, the inaugural class of the Human Rights Course in Homage to Paulo Freire’s centenary. The class will be free and transmitted over the internet, through the Facebook of the National Human Rights Movement (MNDH), which promotes the activity.

With the theme “Human Rights in a Critical Perspective”, the class will be taught by Professor David Sanchéz Rubio of the University of Seville (Spain). After the live broadcast, the class will continue to be available in its entirety to be watched at any time.

David Sanchéz Rubio works at the Department of Philosophy of Law at the University of Seville (Spain). He has already produced several articles and books, on the themes of critical theory of human rights, democracy, education for citizenship and liberation thoughts, among others.

His studies contribute to the understanding of what human rights are and their relationship with democracy, in a critical perspective. According to the professor, there is a dominant conception of what human rights and democracy are. This conception gives the audience a reduced view of the two concepts, in addition to seeing them separately.

“In the end, only benefit […] certain power groups and a certain supreme social order, controlled by a logic and dynamics typical of capitalism, sexist, patriarchal and racist”, says the professor in a work published in 2016.

According to the MNDH advisor, Jonia Rodrigues, the idea of ​​taking the course arises in the context in which the movement has been operating in the states and felt, together with its affiliated entities, the need to empower civil society in the process of fighting for its rights.

“When the State does not fulfill its obligations to respect and protect Human Rights, society has the right to demand. The course is inserted in a context of denial of rights, of scientific denial, of setbacks in rights already conquered” , he claims.

The counselor also emphasizes that the objective of responding to this need to train new agents in the process of demanding rights will be carried out in a critical and liberating perspective, as proposed by Paulo Freire.

It also reminds that the course also presents a view on the performance of the State and society in general in the elaboration, proposition and monitoring of public policies. In addition, the course is being built with the support of the structure of the Popular School of Human Rights, promoted by the MNDH.

Jonia also states that the course exceeded the public’s expectations. The initial forecast was for a class of 150 subscribers. In less than a week, more than 800 interested people signed up, which forced the completion of a selection process for the course.

“This great demand shows the need for society to be discussing Human Rights and empowering itself in the process. The inaugural class will be a time for us to start the training process together,” says the councilor.

The course is promoted by MNDH, in partnership with the Articulation for the Monitoring of Human Rights in Brazil (AMDH) and support from the Center for Studies for Peace and Human Rights of the University of Brasília (NEP/UNB) and the Department of Philosophy of Derecho – University of Seville.

According to the MNDH, the objective is to help train new agents to act in the processes of struggle for human rights, in a critical and liberating perspective. It also aims to contribute to the strengthening of democracy, development, social justice and the construction of a culture of peace and human dignity.

The class “Human Rights in Critical Perspective” will be taught by Prof. Dr. David Sanchéz Rubio of the University of Seville / Disclosure

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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