Honored at the Bienal do Livro, Cida Pedrosa reaffirms: “I do

Poet, politician and woman: Cida Pedrosa is honored at the XIII International Book Biennial of Pernambuco, alongside the patron of Brazilian education, Paulo Freire. The tribute follows Cida’s consecration with two Jabuti awards in 2020, making her the first from Pernambuco to take the Best Book of the Year.

The author participates intensively in the Bienal’s program, which runs until next Tuesday (13th), presenting poetry reading and participating in round tables, debates and other activities aimed at the contemplation of her work.

A writer for over 40 years and with ten published books, Cida does not dissociate her art from political action. While dedicating herself to literature, she occupies a seat in the Recife City Council (PE) at the PCdoB, having in her baggage passages in the Recife Secretariats of Environment and Women and a long trajectory of militancy for human rights .

“Writing is a political act, making art is a political act. Part of my work is very feminist, very focused on social denunciation without being pamphleteering. I do engaged feminist art, and this has a huge relationship with politics”, emphasizes the 58-year-old artist, born in Bodocó, in the hinterland of Pernambuco.

The Jabuti, considered the greatest literary award in Brazil, marked for Cida the recognition not only of the winning book, “Solo para Vialejo” (Companhia Editora de Pernambuco), but also of his career in the struggle for literature. “Being an artist in Brazil is not easy. Being an artist of the word, much less. And being an artist of the word and writing poetry, which is on the margins of the margin, is even more difficult. But I’m firm and strong,” he says.

Now it’s time to receive a tribute “at home”, with the Bienal’s dedication to its work. “It fills me with joy. In 15 years of the Bienal, only two women have been awarded so far – Luzilá Gonçalves, who is an incredible novelist of ours, and now me. I am very happy and share this award with all the women”, she comments.

For Cida, it is “an enchantment” to receive the honor along with another great name from Pernambuco, Paulo Freire, who, in 2021, would celebrate his 100th birthday. “I have deep admiration for this writer, for this educator, for this man of struggle. Its construction is a pedagogy of freedom and was based on the fight against all oppression and oppressive system”, he says. In this sense, the two authors come closer: “I have poetry that has a social function. I write with this desire to be libertarian too. I write with this same principle”, he reveals.

Bienal producer Rogério Robalinho also sees a congruence between the ideas. “These are people who converge with what we proposed, who are related to education, reading and the commitment to a better society. The authors address in their works issues that promote reflection, they are important debates even more so in the times we live in”, he says.

“Cida comes at a time of transition from one cultural language to another, and, when that happens, the result is always encouraging because then new readings and new perspectives arise”, he adds.

Since October 1st, Cida Pedrosa has participated in several activities that focus on her texts, starting with the table on Solo para Vilarejo, with columnist Mariana Ianelli and writer Wellington Melo, mediated by her son, the poet and historian Francisco Pedrosa.

The fair’s agenda also includes a series of shows inspired by his work. On the Sesc Além das Letras stage, the solo “Para um Sertão Blues” has already been presented, put on stage by Coletivo Caverna and under the direction of Cláudio Lira; “Todas Mulheres de Cida”, based on the book “As Daughters of Lilith” (2009), adapted by Grupo Cênico Calabouço and directed by Bruno Fittipaldi; and the monologue MedusaMusaMulher, performed by actress Fabiana Pirro.

Cida says she is looking forward to watching the Claranan show, produced by Coletivo O Poste Soluções Luminosas and presented this Saturday (9) at 5 pm, and to try the menu prepared by chef Rivandro França with dishes inspired by his poems.

Biennial in hybrid format

The largest literary fair in the Northeast, the Pernambuco International Book Biennial expects to receive 350 thousand people until next Tuesday (13th). The issue has the theme “There is only one vaccine against Ignorance. Read” which, according to producer Rogério Robalinho, was chosen because of the current context, in which science has been questioned.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the programming takes place in a hybrid way, that is, one part at the Convention Center (Cecon), on the edge of Recife and Olinda, and another part in a virtual environment, on the e-Bienal platform. Robalinho recalls that, in 2020, a completely digital version of the Bienal was made.

“We seek a commitment to the country’s publishing and bookseller market to bring them to Pernambuco to carry out all the planning. With the pandemic, we had to think differently, we reinforced the virtual actions, creating the e-Bienal platform that, during 2020, held debates, workshops and launches. We observed that the world would now be different and so it was necessary to build a different event, in person and also virtual with our platform”, he says

In this model, the event features 220 activities, with more than 60 book launches. The physical space, in Cecon’s 9,000 square meter pavilion, has 320 stands from 89 bookstores and publishers.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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