Henry case: in testimony, the delegate states: “Jairinho and

The first trial hearing in the Henry Borel case began this Wednesday morning (6) at the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ). Accused of the death of the 4-year-old child, former councilor Jairo Souza Santos Junior, known as Dr. Jairinho, and the boy’s mother, Monique Medeiros, participated in the session.

In that first moment, only the prosecution witnesses were heard, 12 in total. Among them, the boy’s father, Leniel Borel, the delegate responsible for the case Henrique Damasceno, doctors who provided care to the child, the nanny, who knew about the aggressions against Henry, and the couple’s maid.

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In front of the TJ-RJ, protesters were asking for justice for the boy Henry Borel with shirts and sashes. Monique was in person at the hearing, while Jairinho accompanied by videoconference from Bangu 8, where he is being held.

At the hearing, there was a discussion when police chief Edson Henrique Damasceno told about the couple’s unusual behavior during their testimony at the 16th Precinct, on March 17, nine days after the boy’s death.

“Monique and Jairinho were completely at ease, they even ordered pizza during their testimony at the police station. Jairo made jokes, like ‘my wife is in the room with three men’”, he reported.

Jairo Souza Santos Junior, known as Dr. Jairinho, and Monique Medeiros are accused of the death of Henry / Reproduction

Henry Borel was killed on March 8 in the apartment he lived with Jairinho and his mother in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio. According to Civil Police investigations, Henry’s former councilor and stepfather beat the boy with punches and kicks and the mother knew. Both are liable for torture and triple aggravated homicide, with an aggravation of the sentence for being a minor under 14 years of age.

The medical expert pointed out that the 23 injuries found in the child, such as a laceration of the liver, kidney damage and hemorrhage in the head “are consistent with those produced by violent action”. Monique and Jairinho were arrested a month after the crime.

“The qualifier of Jairinho’s crime is sadism, satisfaction, the pleasure of hurting Henry and other children. Monique’s reason, on the other hand, is to benefit from the financial advantage in this situation,” he explained to the portal UOL the promoter Fábio Vieira. The former politician responds to two other cases of violence against the daughters of ex-wives.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Clívia Mesquita

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