“God does not support dictatorship nor does he support torturers”,

Nossa Igreja Brasileira, with the support of the Evangelicals for the Rule of Law, promoted last Sunday (3) an open-air service in the Maracanã neighborhood, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. The tone of the meeting was one of criticism of religious and politicians who use the Christian faith to spread hate speeches and who are contrary to social justice and human rights.

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One of the leaders present, Pastor Ariovaldo Ramos, made a scathing criticism against the oppression that guided religious conservatism throughout Brazil and which allied with the government of Jair Bolsonaro (no party). Ramos also lamented that many people say that the current situation is “God’s will”.

“No oppression has God’s blessing and consent. No matter how many times they use His name to oppress. God defeated the oppressor so that we speak out against oppressive expressions. God does not support dictatorship, God does not support torture, God does not supports dictator. And Brazil today is in a state of oppression. The worst thing is that many people say that this is God’s will. It is not,” he said.

One of the coordinators of the Evangelicals Front for the Rule of Law, Ariovaldo Ramos has been giving public speeches warning of the dangers of the shift of Christians to the right. In the last Sunday service (3), Ramos said that evangelicals cannot be parts of oppression.

“All justice, racism, segregation, lack of access to rights, all of this is oppression. Someone who is in need is under oppression, whoever is hungry is under oppression. It doesn’t matter in whom this oppression manifests itself, even if it is religious. no time will we collaborate with oppression, even if it is dressed up as a religion,” he argued.

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A member of Nossa Igreja Brasileira, which belongs to the Baptist convention, and one of the coordinators of the Front, Nilza Valeria Zacarias said that the mission of evangelicals is to carry out services that highlight and spread the liberating and restoring mission of Jesus Christ.

“In a country where inequality, oppression and inequality are our structure, we believe in the message of Christ as liberator. This is the gospel we want to be announced in the country, not a gospel that makes people submit to to death. And yes, what rescues life. Therefore, the initiative of cults like this will be replicated in several states”, explained Valeria, who is one of the authors of the Papo de Crente column, of the Brazil in fact.

On Sunday, in addition to the faithful and evangelical leaders, the service was also attended by councilor Reimont (PT), who was invited by Pastor Marco Davi, from Nossa Igreja Brasileira.

“I perfectly understand how we can dialogue between faith and politics, between religious manifestation and democracy. I am a Catholic Christian, I am very friendly with the staff of Our Brazilian Church and I understand the importance of this act that they have done once a month here at Maracanã as an expression also the struggle for democracy and social rights,” said the congressman.

The next meeting will take place on November 21, at 10 am, at Rua Mata Machado, between the Maracanã stadium and the Maracanã Indigenous Village. The Culto do Sorriso Negro will have “a lot of samba and a lot of black music”, guaranteed pastor Marco Davi. As in other editions, the service will also take place in the street and outdoors, due to the restrictions of the covid-19 pandemic.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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