Gessica, who lent Galo a cell phone, is in prison

Investigated for involvement in the fire of the statue of explorer Borba Gato, Gessica Barbosa had her temporary prison revoked this Friday (30) by the Court.

The release, signed by Judge Gabriela Marques da Silva Bertoli, from the Capital Police Inquiries Department, was based on the tracking of the seamstress’ cell phone, which confirmed the allegation of innocence.

Since the arrest last Wednesday (28), lawyers maintain that Gessica was at home, taking care of her underage daughter and brother, when the fire broke out.

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Gessica’s version was also corroborated by his partner, Paulo Roberto da Silva Lima, known as “Galo”, and by Danilo Silva de Oliveira, known as “Biu”.

The two took part in the fire, which aimed to stimulate debate about the permanence of monuments of historical figures linked to colonialism.

From the beginning, Paulo and Gessica, who have no criminal record, collaborated with the investigations. The couple has a permanent residence, presented themselves voluntarily to the Civil Police and allowed the investigators to enter the house where they live, in the west side of Sâo Paulo.

illegal arrest

Galo’s cell phone has a chip in his wife’s name. Accompanying him to the police station on Wednesday, she was surprised by her own arrest, justified, according to police, by the ownership of the cell phone chip, which had been used by her husband to arrange Saturday’s protest.

According to the family’s lawyer, Bruno Garcia de Alcaraz Iglesias, the seamstress despaired when she was informed of the arrest warrant that had been imposed on her, right there at the police station, while her husband was testifying.

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“The only thing she asked me was, ‘Doctor, what am I going to do with the kids? Who will they stay with? Who will take care of it? Who will feed? I’m poor, I don’t have the money to hire someone to take care of it’”, describes Iglesias.

“The decision is absolutely illegal. The Rooster admitted having participated in the action. He gave up his own freedom, his own well-being, for the greater good, to raise a necessary discussion. But Gessica didn’t participate in any of this”, the lawyer maintained.

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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