Four ministers from the Afghan interim government

Four ministers from the Afghan interim government, announced by the Taliban last Tuesday (7), were arrested by US authorities. Jairulá Jairjwa (Minister of Information and Culture), Norulá Nuri (Borders), Abdul Haq Wasiq (intelligence director) and Mohamad Fazl (deputy defense minister) were detained at the Guantanamo Military Base, US-occupied territory in Cuba, and were released in 2014 in exchange for the release of US Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, captured by the Taliban in 2009.

The exchange was negotiated during the administration of Barack Obama, in which Joe Biden was vice president. The White House says its recognition of the new Afghan government will depend on Taliban actions.

In addition to senior officials of the provisional government, the current governor of Khost state, Mohamad Nabi Omari, was also held at the base at Guantanamo. Khost is 233km east of the capital Kabul, on the border with oil-rich Pakistan.

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After the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Biden is again questioned about the composition of the new Taliban government.

China defends that Washington and its allies cooperate with economic aid to Afghanistan after 20 years of invasion of its territory. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced the sending of US$ 31 million (about R$ 150 million) in humanitarian aid.

On Wednesday (8), the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, called the establishment of a provisional government in Afghanistan after “three weeks of anarchy” an “important step”.

China, which shares 76 km of border with Afghanistan, has decided to keep its embassy open in Kabul.

Edition: Thales Schmidt

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