For the 27th consecutive year, Grito dos Excluídos takes to the streets of

The traditional demonstration of the Cry of the Excluded and Excluded, held every September 7th since 1995, will this year have the support of the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro, in one of the worst moments of the political and social crisis caused by the Jair Bolsonaro government (no party) . The motto of the mobilization could not be more explicit: “Life comes first — in the struggle for popular participation, health, food, housing, work and income now!”.

“It is very clear, when Bolsonaro talks about a rifle instead of beans, that we are saying the opposite, that we need to feed the hungry people. In order to feed these people, agrarian reform is necessary, it is necessary to demarcate the Indigenous Lands and quilombolas , everything that this government has not been doing”, says Ana Moraes, member of the national coordination of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) and of the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro. She recalls that this mobilization has always been guided by giving a voice precisely to excluded populations throughout the construction of the country.

In Brasília, the act will take place at the TV Tower, from 9 am. From there, the protesters must march to the Indigenous Peoples Memorial. The Grito dos Excluídos is an initiative of social pastorals, the most progressive sector of the Catholic Church, and popular movements such as the MST.

The organizers recommend those who are going to participate in the act to wear a mask all the time, preferably the models that offer greater security, such as PFF2 and N95, and having more than one unit available, in case of need for exchange. The distance and the use of alcohol gel are also express guidelines. “This for us is fundamental because we are on the streets in defense of life and we need to preserve ourselves”, points out Ana Moraes.

Bolsonarism goes to the streets

A few kilometers from the TV Tower, on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro, in favor of the institutional rupture in the country, organize an act in favor of the government. The expectation is that the president himself will participate in the mobilization. In recent weeks, he has made a personal effort to leverage the actions, which will have greater weight in Brasília (DF) and in São Paulo (SP), on Avenida Paulista.

“As big as this mobilization of pocketbookism may seem, we have to take into account that they will concentrate the acts in two cities, Brasília and São Paulo, with agribusiness sectors financing them. This concentration is a pocketbook strategy to demonstrate strength We, from the Grito dos Excluídos, will be mobilized in more than 100 cities in the country. People will be mobilizing in their place of residence, of militancy. On the other side, there will be a financialization of the mobilization, they will take people to the acts”, observes Ana Moraes.

Also according to the militant, the Cry of the Excluded will be completely peaceful and there is no fear of the movement. “The fear is in the hunger caused by the actions and omissions of this government. It is the fear that will lead us to protest another day against Bolsonaro,” he added.

After September 7, the National Campaign Fora Bolsonaro will continue to be mobilized and will define a new agenda of protests against the government for the coming months.

security scheme

The central region of Brasilia will have reinforced policing in the coming days due to the protests on September 7th. The Federal District Military Police (PMDF) will carry out lines of personal searches and blockades on the main roads of the Esplanada dos Ministérios and close to the TV Tower. There will also be traffic blocking at various points in the central region of the federal capital.

According to the Government of the Federal District (GDF), it will be prohibited to access the areas where the demonstrations will take place, carrying sharp objects, glass bottles, flag poles and other materials that endanger the safety of protesters and the population. The use of drones without authorization in the Esplanade airspace is also restricted.

The events will be monitored by the Brasília Integrated Operations Center (Ciob), with support from field teams. The center brings together 29 organs, institutions and agencies of the GDF focused on safety, mobility, health, provision of public services and inspection.

The Prosecutor of Military Justice of the Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories (MPDFT) recommended to the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and to the General Command of the DF Military Police that the participation of active military police officers who are not in service, at the political demonstrations scheduled for 7 September. In the event of the participation of police officers, warned the MPDFT, a disciplinary offense investigation procedure will be instituted.

Stay in

27th Cry of the Excluded and the Excluded

When: September 7th, from 9 am

Where: TV Tower (central area of ​​Brasília)

*With information from Agência Brasil

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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