For hurting the PM-SP regiment, police officers who support acts

Military police officers who publicly express their support for undemocratic acts, speaking on behalf of the corporation or wearing uniforms, may face administrative sanctions and even be expelled from the corporation, explains Adílson Paes de Souza, retired lieutenant colonel of the São Paulo Military Police and Master in Human Rights.

“The military police officer who summons them to participate in acts with anti-democratic guidelines may be liable for disciplinary transgression of a serious nature, which may lead to the opening of a disciplinary process, even leading to the expulsion of that police officer from the corporation”, warns Souza.

For the lieutenant colonel, the summons that have been made for demonstrations on September 7th violate article 11 of the disciplinary regulation of the Military Police, which determines a serious infraction for agents that fall into “offenses against the values ​​and police-military duties .”

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In article 3, Paes de Souza points out, the determination that can raise the penalty for high-ranking agents is made explicit. “Violation of police-military discipline will be all the more serious the higher the hierarchical rank of those who commit it,” says the legislation, as the expert explains.

“He may also, as an active police officer, practice an act of administrative improbity, notably for the violation of article 11 of the law, which violates the principles of the Constitution. Notably, the principle of impersonality and legality, they can be the target of a public civil action for the practice of an act of administrative improbity, where one of the punishments provided for by law is the loss of public service”, concludes Paes de Souza.

Reserve agents, who are retired, are not reached by the internal regiment of the Military Police. However, explains the lieutenant colonel, they can harm the Constitution, when they show support for demonstrations with anti-democratic agendas.

The newspaper O Estado de São Paulo revealed, last Sunday (22), that Colonel Aleksander Toaldo Lacerda published messages in support of Bolsonaro on his social networks, calling for the demonstration. “Freedom is not gained, it is conquered. On 7/9 I will go”, he said. In another post, the military says: “We need a tank, not an ice cream cart.” “No liberal talc on the butt” can “overthrow the leftist hegemony in Brazil”, he concluded.

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Also on Sunday, Ricardo de Mello Araújo, former commander of Rondas Ostensiva Tobias Aguiar (Rota), published a video calling on “military police veterans” for the demonstration. “We have September 7th to help our president Bolsonaro. The PM of SP participated in the main movements in our country (…). We cannot at this moment when the country is going through this crisis, with communism wanting to enter (…). (…) I see that we from the PM of SP, the public force, we must unite. And on September 7th, all veterans of SP, we must be present on Avenida Paulista.”

In the publication, Araújo informs that the veterans’ concentration point will be the 1st Shock Battalion, the Rota. From there, they would go on to the demonstration. Today, the former commander of Rota is director of the Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais in São Paulo (Ceagesp), an agency linked to the federal government.

These movements by police officers worry Rafael Alcadipani, a researcher at the Brazilian Forum on Public Security and professor of public management at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), who commented on the case in an interview with Brazil in fact last Monday (23).

“I believe that we have never been so close to a Pocket Narist mutiny. I believe that, unfortunately, there is great adherence within the police, in different hierarchies, to Bolsonaro’s ideas. I don’t know to what extent this cannot generate a rupture”, explains Alcadipani.

Edition: Vinicius Segalla

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