First teacher dies victim of covid in DF after 1 month of

Last Tuesday (14) was confirmed the first death of a teacher after returning to classroom classes. One month after going back to school, professor Joseli Gomes de Farias, from CED Stella dos Cherubins Guimarães Trois, in Planatina, died covid-19 at age 53, in the field hospital in Gama.

According to data from the Federal District Teachers’ Union (Sinpro-DF), 102 public schools registered cases of contamination by covid-19.

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In a statement, Sinpro-DF clarifies that, in addition to death, six more positive cases of covid-19 were registered in the CED Stella dos Cherubins Guimarães Trois. “The picture comes at a time when the Department of Education (SEEDF) fails to comply with the agreement made with Sinpro and determines the immediate face-to-face return of those who have not completed the immunization cycle” he highlights.

The director of the union Rosilene Corrêa informs that, contrary to signed agreements, the GDF issued a circular that establishes the return of all professionals to the classroom, “including those who did not take the second dose of vaccine against covid-19”.

To ensure the protection of the category, the entity filed a lawsuit to annul the determination. The Director emphasizes that more than 2,000 teachers are still awaiting the application of the second dose of the vaccine.

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The sociology professor at CED Stella dos Cherubins, Luiza Oliveira, vented on social media about the loss of her co-worker. She reports that the school has an outbreak of covid and that the institution does not have an adequate structure to guarantee the health safety of students and professionals.

“Yesterday one of our teachers, a very dear colleague, died as a result of COVID. He was vaccinated, but unfortunately he didn’t resist. He worked face-to-face at the school until a few days ago. Today, two teachers tested positive and other teachers are waiting for the result or are going to take the test”, he wrote.

She points out that the vast majority of school professionals are using the private network to perform the covid test, “taking money out of their own pockets, since there are no tests in the public network for those who have had contact with infected people and do not have symptoms. Even those who have symptoms have difficulty testing” he protests.

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“We are going through an unimaginable reality in our school. When we went back to the classroom, I warned many times that we were not able to have a safe return. This would require adequate ventilation in classrooms, safe masks made available to everyone, and an efficient isolation and testing protocol. We don’t have any of these conditions in our school”, denounces the teacher.

The director of Sinpro, Rosilene Corrêa, points out that, “although education has had priority in vaccination, it was a priority already in a super delayed process, many lives have gone and there are still many people without vaccinating. This is a consequence of an absence of policy”, he observes. Corrêa amendment, “the school as a place of flux is even more vulnerable”.

For Professor Luiza Oliveira, the working conditions of the category have been unworthy. “Our permanence in school in person is a risk to the physical and mental health of anyone and the feeling we have is of complete abandonment. We are dismayed at our colleague’s abrupt departure. You can no longer see this GDF genocidal policy happening, our colleagues getting sick and dying and doing nothing,” he says.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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