Fires hit communities for 21 days

The traditional pasture communities in the municipalities of Pilão Arcado and Campo Alegre de Lourdes, in the northern region of Bahia, spent around 21 days controlling the fires that hit the region, causing damage to flora and fauna and putting the population at risk. .

The estimate of the Fire Department, released last week, is that the fire reached at least 2,000 hectares of vegetation in the localities. The fire was only completely controlled last Sunday (29).

In a statement, the Forum of Popular Entities of Campo Alegre de Lourdes states that the first outbreak of the fire began on August 9 in the communities of Lagoa do Virgulino, Comandante and Baixão do Jacu and, later, Caboclo dos Mangueiras, Baixão do Egidio, Flag from Above and Angel.

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During periods of drought, there are small outbreaks of fire in the caatinga, controlled by the communities themselves, but those that have occurred in recent weeks are different from those that are natural. Edinei Soares, a resident of the Angico Dias community, in the municipality of Campo Alegre de Lourdes, says that as soon as the fire started, the communities gathered to define actions and the Fire Department was called, as three outbreaks appeared at the same time. , and communities alone would not be able to control.

Anselmo Ferreira, a member of the Forum of Popular Entities of Campo Alegre de Lourdes and of the Regional Articulation of Fundo de Pasto regional Juazeiro, says that “this year was with a greater frequency and with a much greater proportion as well. When we finished controlling the fire in one place, there was already a fire in another. It was like that all day.”

Asked about the possible causes, Edinei observes: “We only have suspicions, due to the fact that our region has a very high ambition on the part of the miners. As our area is native, it is a little complicated. With this devastation, I believe ours are traditional pasture communities are weakened. It is an irreparable loss.”

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Anselmo endorses this hypothesis: “People who work in some communities, in this process of confronting mining, land grabbing and everything else, have analyzed that these fire outbreaks have happened mainly in areas where these conflicts take place. It is no coincidence. have happened, it’s not an accident. They’re arson and we need to investigate.”

As already mentioned, the damage to these traditional communities is great. Ananilva Batista, who works in the Cacimba Velha community, in the municipality of Campo Alegre de Lourdes, shares that the fire that has been hitting the community every year for about ten years has resulted in an accumulation of damage.

“We were shaken because we are losing this vitality of the earth, which is where we get our livelihood, and also losing wood, which is the raw material for making houses, losing animals. It’s been the greatest sadness for everyone,” he laments .

Ananilva explains that the bottom of the pasture is the open part where the animals are free to eat and where the gardens are. “And if this grassland vegetation is burned, how will the animals survive? How are we going to be able to plant corn, beans, watermelon?”, he asks.

In the coming days, the Forum of Popular Entities will bring together members to debate these fires and decide on new actions. However, he reinforces, in a note, that “in the region affected by the fire in Pilão Arcado and Campo Alegre de Lourdes, we have witnessed an increase in territorial conflicts and resistance from communities to remain in their territories and preserve their ways of life. communities and local organizations demand an investigation into the causes of this fire.”

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Source: BoF Bahia

Edition: Jamile Araújo

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