Fire hits “Carrefour Occupation” with 80 families in the

A fire hit a group of houses known as “Ocupação Carrefour”, in the Cambuci neighborhood, in the central region of São Paulo (SP), at around 10 am this Thursday (21). The place has housed around 80 families since 2004, and gets its name because it is opposite a French supermarket.

The fire started after shorting a light bulb and quickly spread through the houses.

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In all, six houses were burned, in addition to the church that is inside the occupation. Even so, the entire place was closed off by the Subprefecture of Sé, which promises to move residents to a neighborhood club, known as Balneário do Cambuci.

In the foreground, representatives of the borough; in the background, the residents, who complain about not being heard / Maiara Marinho

The sub-city government informed that the belongings must be placed in a shed nearby. The families remain on the street and disagree with the planning of sub-mayor Marcelo Vieira Salles, a retired Military Police colonel.

Creuza Cardoso Souza, one of the leaders of the occupation, claims that since the arrival of representatives from the sub-city hall, the residents have not been heard. According to her, the families are afraid of leaving the place and permanently losing their homes.

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With four children, one of them newborn, Silvana Melo Silva, 33, says that, every year, the experts go to the place to inspect and ensure safety. According to her, residents were asked this year to install fire extinguishers and make adjustments to the wiring. Silvana states that all protocols were followed.

Creuza, occupation leader; on the right, the church, which was also hit by fire / Maiara Marinho

Homeless families rely on the help of residents of the surrounding buildings, who start donating food, hygiene products and clothing.

O Brazil in fact awaits the return of the Subprefecture of Sé to update the case.

Soon more information.

*Daniel Giovanaz collaborated

Edition: Leandro Melito

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