Fiocruz warns Brazil after the increase in cases of

The new edition of the Covid-19 Observatory Bulletin of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) reinforces the concern with the return of restrictive measures in Europe after the increase in the number of deaths in countries where vaccination coverage has stopped and restrictive measures have been relaxed.

According to Fiocruz, the current situation in these European countries, which has been called the “unvaccinated pandemic”, has served as a warning to the issue of advances in vaccination in those countries where portions of the unvaccinated population have been presenting a high number of cases of covid-19.

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Countries like Austria, Lithuania and Germany, with higher percentages of the vaccinated population – 63.7%, 65.2% and 67% respectively – have not only been facing a large increase in hospitalizations, mainly among the unvaccinated, but also in the indicator of deaths per million inhabitants.

“Definitely, the vaccination, detached from other non-pharmacological recommendations, will not be enough to determine the end of the pandemic”, affirm the researchers of the Observatório Covid-19 Fiocruz, responsible for the bulletin.

Risks in Brazil

Scientists call attention to the abandonment of preventive actions in Brazil, especially the release of the use of masks and relaxation of physical distance measures. According to the researchers, in addition to being a consequence of low population adherence, this scenario is mainly a reflection of government disincentives to non-pharmacological measures that are effective in preventing the disease.

The report also warns of the lack of physical distance in the country, which must be observed from public transport to commerce and leisure activities.

In addition, agglomerations in open spaces can also represent a risk, since the proximity between people is a determinant of contagion. The researchers also warn that adding to this scenario are events such as Christmas and New Years parties and the arrival of vacations schoolchildren.

covid in numbers

Brazil currently has about 60% of the population with a complete vaccination schedule, with an estimated 1.15 deaths per million inhabitants, according to available data Our World In Data.

Data recorded in the Epidemiological Week (SE) 45, from November 7th to 13th by the Observatory’s Bulletin also show a slight increase in the values ​​of indicators of covid-19 transmission. According to the report, a daily average of 11,400 confirmed cases and 260 deaths per covid-19 were reported.

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According to Fiocruz, these values ​​represent a small increase in the number of registered cases, 1.9% per day, and the number of deaths, 1.2% per day, compared to the previous week (October 31 to 6 November).

The researchers point out that the lethality rate has also been falling in the country. It is currently in the 2.3% range. According to the analysis, despite still being considered high in relation to international standards, the trend proves the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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