Federal Institute of Pernambuco opens vacancies for courses

The Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Pernambuco (IFPE) launched the notice of Admission Process 2022.1. Without taking tests because of the covid-19 pandemic, all stages of the process for the 4,631 vacancies distributed in the institution’s 16 campuses will be carried out over the internet, through the analysis of school performance in Elementary or High School or the general grade of the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem).

Entries, which are free, start on Tuesday (19) and must be made until November 7th through the IFPE website. Of the total number of places offered, 958 are for higher education courses; 2,355 for technical courses in the Subsequent mode – aimed at those who have already attended high school; 1,283 for technical courses in the Integrated High School modality; and another 35 vacancies in the Proeja – Professional Qualification modality.

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60% of places are reserved for students from public schools and there are also quotas for people with disabilities, blacks, browns and indigenous people, in addition to reservations for students from rural areas.

For candidates who will compete for places in technical courses, admission will be through the analysis of Academic Performance in Portuguese or Portuguese and Mathematics, based on the academic record. Candidates for higher education courses will be able to choose between presenting the general grade of Enem or their secondary school transcript or equivalent document. In the case of Enem’s grade, one of the last five editions (2016 to 2020) will be accepted. Those who choose a school transcript must use the grades of the 1st and 2nd years of High School.

To clear up doubts, the Central Commission for Admission Process 2022.1 makes the service website available, which will remain active throughout the entire period of the process. Face-to-face assistance will also be provided at all the institution’s campuses, on specific days and times, as well as by email and telephone.

Source: BoF Pernambuco

Edition: Vanessa Gonzaga

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