Fearing Pocketnarist Attacks, March of Indigenous Women

About 4,000 women from 150 indigenous peoples will begin arriving in Brasília this Tuesday (7), Independence Day, to participate in the Second March of Indigenous Women, scheduled to end on Saturday (11).

On holiday, the federal capital is the stage for demonstrations for and against the government of Jair Bolsonaro (no party). The acts must start, respectively, at the Esplanada dos Ministérios and in the parking lot of the TV Tower, with the monitoring of the Military Police (PM).

Fearing attacks from pocketnaristas and defenders of the anti-indigenous policy conducted by the federal government, the Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil (Apib), which organizes the mobilization, adhered to the security scheme proposed by the Public Security Secretariat of the Federal District (SSP-DF). ).

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“I’m not going to generalize, but these are people who have shown a very fluid hatred, who have no qualms about hurting us. So we will protect ourselves from an agenda of violence that has been announced”, he says, referring to supporters of Bolsonaro, Christiane Julião, of the Pankararu people of Pernambuco, one of the organizers of the March.


The indigenous encampment was transferred from Praça da Cidadania to the Funarte building. Throughout the day, the priority of the leaders will be to welcome the caravans coming from various regions of the country, without getting involved in the protests.

“Of course there is fear, insecurity. But even so, we are here firmly. Believing in our purpose to fight for those who preceded us, they guaranteed our territories. We continue in this fight, collecting this historic debt in Brazil”, says Christiane.

According to the leadership, the orientation for indigenous women is not to interact with the demonstrations. “As much as everyone knows that we are against Bolsonaro, we are not going to echo any movement, neither for nor against the government”, he explains.

Against the “time frame”

With the theme “Original women: Reforesting minds for the cure of the Earth”, the march also aims to maintain the strategy of sensitizing the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

As of Wednesday (8), the Court returns to judge the “time frame”, a legal thesis defended by Bolsonaro that prevents indigenous people from claiming lands not occupied until the date of enactment of the Federal Constitution of 1988, restricting demarcation processes.

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“If the thesis is endorsed, we will have the demarcations to a standstill and certainly requests for revisions to lands that have already been demarcated”, explains Paloma Gomes, legal advisor to the Indigenous Missionary Council (Cimi).

“We will have even more the absence of public policies aimed at indigenous peoples, we will have more violence, more expulsions of native peoples. In short, a process of absolute extermination of culture and indigenous peoples in our country,” adds the lawyer.

The protesters will join the approximately 1,000 remaining indigenous people from the “Luta Pela Vida” camp, which began on August 22 and gathered 6,000 people. According to Apib, which organized the event, it was the largest indigenous mobilization in the history of Brazil.

“What independence?”

Under heavy fire from the federal government, which promotes attacks on multiple fronts against indigenous people denounced by leaders in Brazil and abroad, Christiane, organizer of the march, says that native peoples do not have much to celebrate on Independence Day.

“I don’t know what independence Brazil seeks, if it lives in a colonialist dam, psychologically and affectionately dammed in a patriarchal system and they don’t know what freedom really is. They don’t know”, opines the indigenous leader.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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