Even with rain, rotation and water crisis alert are

On its website, Sanepar, the Paraná sanitation company, maintains the alert: “If we don’t reduce consumption by 20%, the water will run out”. The current 36-hour rotation model has been in effect since August. And, even with the rainy season breaking records, the company does not intend to end the rotation of water in the taps of the people from Paraná.

In October it rained more than the historical average for the second time in 2021. The increase was 59%, according to data from the Paraná Environmental Monitoring and Technology System (Simepar). This index was only lower than in January this year, when the index was 67% higher than the average.

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The high helps to balance months of drought in the state and the fall of the reservoirs that supply the capital and the metropolitan region. But they are still insufficient for Sanepar to end the rotation scheduled until November 14th.

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According to a statement to the financial market, the water and sanitation company must adopt the 24-hour model with water and 24-hour without water. The format is defined by the Working Group created by Decree nº 4626, of the State Government, which recognizes the continuity of the water emergency situation in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba and in the West and Southwest regions of Paraná.

“Such limits can be extrapolated in emergency maintenance situations or resulting from acts of God and force majeure, and must be communicated to the population and inspection bodies”, says the statement from Sanepar to the market.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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