Enem: understand why Inep professionals resigned at

Almost thirty professionals who worked in the organization of the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) resigned in the last few days, less than two weeks before the exams took place. The dismissals occurred in protest against the management of the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), which organizes the selection process.

Only this Monday (8), there were 29 resignations. Servers denounce “technical and administrative weakness” in the command of Inep. Currently, the body is chaired by Danilo Dupas Ribeiro, who was appointed by the Minister of Education, Pastor Milton Ribeiro, in February this year. Dupas taught at the same private university where Ribeiro was vice dean.

According to the Association of Inep Servants (Assinep), the current management neglects structural problems, practices moral harassment, promotes dismantling in the boards, overload of work and functions and disregards technical aspects to make decisions. The teams report a climate of insecurity and fear in the agency’s daily life.

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The entity warns that the scenario puts at risk not only the Enem, but also the National Student Performance Examination (Enade), the Basic Education Assessment System (Saeb) and the Basic Education and Higher Education Censuses.

In a note, released this Monday (8), Assinep blames “the posture of Inep’s top management” in the situation, which is classified as dramatic, “All institutional actions of the autarchy need technical guidance from managers properly trained in thematic . In view of this, we reaffirm the need for urgent action by the MEC and the federal government in order to resolve the situation and reduce the risks for society.”

Who quit?

Inep’s stampede began last week, when two coordinators resigned: the general coordinator of Application Logistics, Hélio Júnio Rocha Morais, and the general coordinator of Exams for Certification, Eduardo Carvalho Sousa. Both coordinated areas linked to Enem.

This Monday (8), another 29 people also asked to be dismissed from the agency. At least 27 worked directly with the National High School Exam and more than 20 coordinated sectors of Inep.

The Management and Planning Department, the area that suffered the most casualties, is responsible for the logistical organization of the race. Among the civil servants who left Inep, there are some of the most experienced professionals in strategic sectors for the smooth running of Enem.

With Danilo Dupas remaining in the position of president of Inep, new resignations are not ruled out. Assinep warns of the risks of a “management characterized by driving away and oppressing people, which creates vulnerabilities to examinations, assessments, censuses and studies, compromising the successful 85-year trajectory of Inep”.

The National High School Exam (Enem) is scheduled for November 21st and 28th.

Other side

The report of Brazil in fact tried to contact Inep and MEC, but there was no response until the publication of this report

Edition: Leandro Melito

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