Enem 2021 will have security measures against covid-19 and use

The National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) 2021 will have safety measures against covid- 19. As in the 2020 edition, the use of a face mask will be mandatory at the application sites. Participants who have covid-19 or other infectious diseases must not attend the exam and may request reapplication. Failure to comply with the rules may lead to the candidate’s elimination.

The Enem, both in the printed version and in the digital version, will be applied on November 21st and 28th. The rules apply to both versions. Inside the classroom, students must keep the mask on throughout the exam. The notice stipulates that the mask must be used correctly, covering the nose and mouth.

If this is not done, the participant will be eliminated. Candidates will be able to take masks to change during the application, following the recommendation of specialists in the health field.

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Protective equipment may only be removed for identification of participants, for eating and drinking. Every time they remove the mask, the participants cannot touch the front of it, and must then sanitize their hands with alcohol in a proper gel or provided by the applicator. Hands should also be sanitized when participants go to the bathroom and during the exam.

Another rule is social distancing. The rooms will be arranged to ensure distance between participants.

Candidates diagnosed with covid-19 or other infectious diseases in the week before the first or second day of the Enem test must not attend the test sites and may request the exam to be reapplied.

In addition to covid-19, this rule applies to candidates with tuberculosis, whooping cough, diphtheria, invasive disease due to Haemophilus influenza, meningococcal disease and other meningitis, smallpox, human influenza A and B, wild poliovirus poliomyelitis, measles, rubella, and chickenpox.

These candidates will have up to five business days after Enem to request to participate in the reapplication. The request must be made on the Participant’s Page, accompanied by supporting documents.

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Candidates diagnosed with covid-19 in the week preceding the first or second day of the Enem test must not attend the test sites and may request the reapplication of the exam / Disclosure – MEC

Security measures

Enem occurs at a time when vaccination is advancing in Brazil and there is a reduction in cases and in the number of deaths from covid-19. Even so, the consultant of the Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases Marcelo Otsuka emphasizes that it is important to maintain safety measures, especially in a large-scale exam such as Enem:

“We still have susceptible people and some studies show that not wearing a mask increases the chance of getting the infection by two to three times, even in vaccinated countries or with good vaccination coverage. So, it is interesting, at this moment, that we still maintain the care”.

In addition to taking care at the test sites, Otsuka recommends that candidates also take care when traveling. “One of the most serious problems we have is the transport time to get to the site. [O participante] ends up exposing a lot and that, in a way, is bad. So, you have to be careful with transport.

Proper sanitation and cleaning of the environment where the test will be held is also essential. In general, eating at the test site means having to take off the mask. It’s not ideal, but we know that this type of control is not always achieved, so that you have adequate hygiene, that you also have adequate care at these times,” he says. [Continua após o vídeo.]

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Know the notice

For the pedagogical coordinator of ProEnem, Leandro Vieira, reading the Enem notice and knowing the rules of the exam is essential so that students are not eliminated. “It is very important that students are aware of everything that the notice asks for and that they prepare for it in advance, that they do not leave it until the last minute”, he says. “So, separate the mask first, leave it with the pen and with the water you are going to take, so you don’t have a chance to forget it”, he recommends.

Vieira’s tip is that students take advantage of the final stretch to review the rules of the exam and to take simulations and solve old tests. On the page of the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) the tests and evaluations of previous years are available.

“It is a time to ask many questions, to exercise a lot. Use the exercise as a form of review, of returning to the content”, he says. He also recommends that students simulate the day of the exam, including wearing a mask, to see how they will feel on the day of the exam. “We talk about simulating the test, simulating everything in the test, sitting there for 5h, 6h to take the test using the same molds that you will find on the day. This includes the use of a mask”, he says.

Enem 2021

Enem will be applied this year to more than 3 million students across the country. On the first day of the test, participants will take the language, humanities and writing tests. In the second, mathematics and natural sciences. Trial locations are available on the Enrollment Confirmation Card on the Participant Page.

The exam selects students for public higher education vacancies, through the Unified Selection System (Sisu), for scholarships in private institutions, through the University for All Program (ProUni), and serves as a parameter for the Student Financing Fund (Fies). The results can also be used to enter Portuguese educational institutions that have an agreement with Inep.

*With information from Agência Brasil

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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