Enem 2021: what is required, allowed or prohibited to take to the

It’s time to check if everything is in order for the National High School Exam (Enem). This year’s edition starts to be applied next Sunday (21).

Among the mandatory items, in addition to an official identity document with a photo (digital documents will not be accepted) and a transparent pen and black ink ballpoint pen, candidates must be wearing a face mask, covering their nose and mouth. Those without the mask will not be able to enter the venue. The rules are the same for both print and digital editions.

Recommended items

Although it is not a mandatory item, it is recommended to take at least one extra face shield to change during the exam. At the venues, there will be alcohol gel, but students are still allowed to take this item to the venue as well.

It is also recommended to bring snacks, water or other drinks, as this is a five-hour test. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages.

The National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) also recommends that students take their Enrollment Confirmation Card. The document, which contains information such as the test location, can be accessed through the Participant’s Page.

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prohibited items

Candidates cannot carry electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphone, tablet, wearable tech, calculating machine, electronic diaries, recorder, pen drive, mp3, alarm, key with alarm and the like. Headphones are also prohibited.

It is also expressly prohibited to remain at the examination site wearing sunglasses and headgear, such as a cap, hat, visor, cap or similar; pen made of non-transparent material, pencil, mechanical pencil, erasers, rulers, corrections, books, manuals, printed matter, notes; ear protector, watch of any kind.

If candidates bring any of these objects, they will be placed inside an envelope provided by the applicator and sealed.

Enem 2021

In total, 3,109,762 candidates will take the test, the lowest number since 2005. That’s because the federal government had prohibited the free exam for those who registered on the condition of fee exemption, but did not attend the previous edition.

The tests will be held on November 21st and 28th. The gates will open at 12:00 pm and closed at 1:00 pm, while the tests will be distributed at 1:30 pm (Brasilia time) and the template is usually released three working days after the last Sunday of the tests.

Exams in January

On January 9th and 16th, 2022, 280,145 students will take the assessment, in the same period of the exam, for adults deprived of liberty and young people fulfilling socio-educational measure (Enem PPL). That’s because the Federal Supreme Court (STF) reversed a decision of the federal government that had prohibited the free examination for those who signed up for fee exemption in the previous edition, but did not attend.

The STF understood that, due to the covid-19 pandemic, last year’s tests were applied in a context of abnormality, and the requirement of documentary evidence for absentees violates several fundamental precepts, including access to education and eradication of poverty.

In addition, the obligation imposed by the notice penalizes students who made the “difficult choice” of missing the tests to meet the recommendations of the health authorities to avoid crowding.

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Anyone with covid-19 or having contact with someone infected could also provide this justification. But the candidate who was absent just because of the fear of contamination, for example, or who could not prove with documents any other reason for the absence, would not be covered by the free exam in this year’s exam edition.

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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