Educators demand agenda with governor to discuss

For almost seven years without salary replacement, educators from the state public network of Rio Grande do Sul made a surprise action in front of Palácio Piratini, this Thursday morning (9).

The objective is to address the wage replacement campaign. According to CPERS Sindicato, the category has been waiting for the negotiation table for over a month. After hours of mobilization, a meeting was scheduled for next week, the 17th.

According to the president of CPERS, Helenir Aguiar Schürer, the governor does not receive the category and the Department of Education does not dialogue and is not present on the school floor.

“The Legislative Assembly had to summon the secretary Raquel Teixeira to the Education Commission, after repeated absences in public hearings. We can’t wait any longer”, highlights Helenir.

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According to the leader, the government paid the floor using the category’s triennium.

“Our salary today is the same as in 2014, we have more than 46% of salary losses. On the 15th, the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) will go to the Assembly and we want to be included in it. We can’t take it anymore”, he emphasizes.

The base salary of a teacher in the state is around R$ 1,300.00. For employees, for 40 hours, R$1,200.00. The basic salary in Rio Grande do Sul is R$ 1,270.92.

“In the pandemic, society deepened the debate on the importance of education, but the sector is not appreciated in practice. In Rio Grande do Sul, state school teachers and employees have been without salary replacement for seven years and with gains eroded by inflation , to the point of having lost up to half of their purchasing power”, criticizes Helenir.

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According to the union, the situation of education professionals worsened during the years of the Eduardo Leite (PSDB) government. Meal allowances were frozen, several advantages were eliminated, additionals were reduced, retirees and retirees were confiscated and there were extra expenses with remote work.

During the demonstration, representatives highlighted the high cost of living, highlighting the increases in gas and basic food basket. As pointed out by the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese), Porto Alegre is the capital with the most expensive basic food basket in the country.

After hours of demonstration, a union meeting was scheduled with the Special Advisory Group (GAE), with secretaries of Education, Finance and Civil House, at 2 pm on September 17, at the headquarters of the Secretariat of Finance.

The Sovereignty Network was at the beginning of the demonstration and spoke with the educators. Watch:

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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