Eduardo Paes does not rule out going to court for vaccines

At an event held at the headquarters of the Court of Justice in Rio this week, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (PSD), said that if the Ministry of Health continues to delay the delivery of vaccine doses to fight covid-19, it will go to court. against the folder.

“If we have to take legal action, we will. But, at this moment, the dialogue is being permanent. They saw that some states and municipalities ended up advancing in relation to others, with vaccination not complying with the national calendar”, highlighted the mayor.

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According to the newspaper Extra, the head of the municipal Executive said that the vaccination schedule in the city is only kept until the end of the week, due to the amount of vaccines that the city makes available.

“If God wills and the Ministry [da Saúde] send, we will have vaccine [para a próxima semana]. [Mas] The calendar [de vacinação] is guaranteed for this week only. Let’s live your agony every day. I won’t anticipate. But, they have a daunting logistical problem. You can imagine: the state of Rio receives and has to distribute it to 92 municipalities. The city of Rio distributes to 250 health centers. The federal government only has to pick it up at Guarulhos Airport and distribute it to 27 states. In fact, 26 because São Paulo is already there. So, it doesn’t seem so complex to me and there’s no reason to stock up on vaccine,” said Paes.

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According to the mayor, the city’s focus at the moment is on boosting elderly people over 90 years of age.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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