Ecuador pursues specialist in digital security and

One of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts, Ola Bini, is the target of a digital harassment campaign in Ecuador and was arrested without evidence, says a report by the NGO Access Now built on research from Harvard University.

Swede Ola Bini was arrested in 2019, just hours after Julian Assange was also arrested in London. One of the directors of WikiLeaks, Assange worked on disseminating confidential information about the United States’ participation in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Assange’s arrest came after then-President of Ecuador Lenín Moreno revoked his asylum status at the Ecuadorian embassy in the United Kingdom.

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Ola Bini’s defense claims that the hacker and digital rights activist is targeted by Ecuadorian authorities for his connection to Assange, Bini is a friend of Assange’s and visited him while confined at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Bini was arrested without any charges being brought against him, and Moreno went so far as to claim that the activist might have been trying to interfere in the US election. After 70 days in prison, Bini was released and is free to respond to the process. He cannot leave Ecuador and his bank accounts have been frozen. Your defense tries to quash the case.

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“In addition to what Bini has faced in the legal system, he has also been the victim of many extralegal forms of harassment throughout his case. For example, Bini has been the subject of continuous surveillance since being released from police custody. followed by taking pictures of him and drones following his car,” says Access Now.

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