During coffee tasting, employees of

Musician Thiago Morrinho claims to have been a victim of racism, last Saturday (21), at Kop Koffe on Avenida Paulista, which belongs to Kopenhagen. During a tasting event for the brand’s new coffee, store employees reportedly refused the artist, who is black, a dose of the drink, which was served free of charge to passersby. “For you, it’s R$1”, the space workers would have said.

According to Morrinho, other people noticed the “humiliation”. “It wasn’t low (the staff’s tone of voice), it was shameful. It wasn’t low. Therein lies the question as well. I was unhappy and asked ‘why are you charging R$1 from me and for others it’s free?’. He disdained what I was talking about and said that for me it was R$1”, laments the artist, who interrupted the interview.

“I’m sorry for failing to speak, but it still hurts a little. It’s a shameful situation”, laments Morrinho, who resumed. “I’ve been working as a musician for a long time, (I play) in that part of Avenida Paulista. I was doing my work and when I finished, I saw that the people from Kopenhagen had two full trays, I just wanted a coffee”. The artist says that there were no other black people in the store, he would be the only one.

The artist left the store, but decided to return to complain to the manager. According to Morrinho, the employee would be concerned about the store’s image and whether the case would be registered, but not about the victim of the racism case.

Morrinho filed a police report at the 78th Police Station, in the Jardins district, in the south of São Paulo. In the document, the police registered the case as a racial slur.

Kopenhagen’s press office could not be reached for comment. An email was sent to the company, but there has been no response so far. Every time the brand sends an announcement, the text will be updated.

Edition: Vivian Virissimo

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